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Meet the Winners of the 2023 ELLE Deco International Design Awards

From her workshop in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Sabine Marcelis has grabbed the attention of design experts through her experimentation with materials, light, and color that she has transformed into captivating designs. In resins, glass, marble, and mirrors, each of her pieces creates a dynamic scenario through a careful play on transparency, refraction, and iridescence that prompts a new relationship between the objects and the space they occupy. Her design research focuses on the continuous interaction between compositional elements, surfaces, and colors. From domestic environments—with bespoke furniture and lamps in production for Natuzzi, Established&Sons, cc-tapis, and Hem to installations such as “ColoRush!” for the Vitra Design Museum and even high-tech concepts such as the electric car–charging column for Audi—her minimalist but highly evocative style places the emphasis on neat geometric forms that are almost indicative of a rudimentary but continually evolving alphabet. Her pieces are designed so as to ensure their longevity and from a perspective that places equal importance on functionality, attention to detail, and emotion.

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