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Fallout 4 Fan 3D Prints an Incredible Combat Shotgun

A Fallout 4 fan shows off their incredible 3D printed recreation of the combat shotgun, one of the iconic weapons found in the game.

An incredible image posted online by a Fallout 4 fan showcases a 3D-printed combat shotgun, recreated from the game. The combat shotgun is one of the most iconic weapons seen in Fallout 4, with many players opting for it during their playthroughs.

Fallout 4 was first released in 2015, joining esteemed company among Bethesda’s great collection of RPGs. The game was not without its critics, with the pros and cons of Fallout 4‘s voiced protagonist still being debated to this day. However, creations like this prove that fan passion for the franchise has endured, even after the troubled release of Fallout 76.


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The images posted by Reddit user BuntyScrungus get up close to the 3D-printed combat shotgun, showing off every inch of detail of the model which has been hand-painted and weathered to look like it has come straight from the nuclear wasteland. In the post, images of several props from the game can also be seen, with a holotape and some Jet the most notable of the bunch. Fallout fan creations like this often go above and beyond in detail. One fan even created a real-life bobblehead treasure hunt around Washington, DC to honor the games. More images of the creation can be found on the Reddit thread here.


The Redditor claims that the project took a month to complete, and will be used as part of an upcoming costume that they plan on completing. Although it’s unconfirmed what costume the user will be creating, if it receives the same level of care and attention to detail as this combat shotgun it will surely look amazing. As the technology for 3D printing becomes even more developed, seeing props from games coming to life will become more commonplace, especially as it becomes more accessible to the average person. The advantages to fans are already clear, with a Skyrim fan even managing to 3D print an entire set of armor from the game.

With Bethesda currently busy with Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls 6 already announced, any potential Fallout 5 is almost certainly many years away. In the meantime, the modding community continues to add years to the game’s lifespan, with DLC-size mods like Fallout: London currently in development. With Amazon’s Fallout TV series arriving sometime in 2023, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of the franchise which is showing no sign of slowing down despite the lack of major mainline titles.

Fallout 4 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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