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Infosys aces Australian Open tennis tech in fifth year

Andrew Groth (Infosys)

Andrew Groth (Infosys)

Credit: Infosys

Infosys has lent its technology expertise out to the Australian Open (AO), providing a range of insights around the game and emissions in its fifth year of partnership with the event.

This year, the digital services and consulting provider has created an enhanced “Player’s Portal”, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate videos for players and coaches with pre- and post-game analysis.

It can also create video montages of “exceptional performances” with Get In The Zone, which Infosys claims can put players into “the winning mindset” before matches, and view and analyse opponents’ statistical playing tendencies.

Additionally, AI Shot of the Day has been upgraded, allowing Tennis Australia’s media team to analyse and post clips to social media.

Meanwhile Match Centre has been refreshed to a 2.0 iteration, providing fans with insight segments such as Matchbeats, Stroke Summary, Rally Analysis, Courtvision and AI Commentary, as well as a new real-time win predictor.

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