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7 breathtaking sustainable homes around the world

Sustainable homes have never been more necessary. As the world is faced with an onslaught of challenges—the climate crisis, depleting natural resources, an aging population, and rapidly growing urban environments, to name a few—those responsible for our built environment have an important role to play. “A drive for sustainability best captures the way society should respond to these challenges,” says Avi Friedman, author of Future Homes: Sustainable Innovative Designs, a new book from Images Publishing. “The thrust of sustainable thinking in its most rudimentary form is that one needs to consider the future consequences of present actions.”

Through his latest book, Friedman looks at a collection of homes that demonstrate the power of future thinking when it comes to combatting present-day challenges. Not every home is sustainable in the exact same way: Some address environmental considerations, others community, some even look to aesthetic sustainability. “My choice of homes was guided by the innovative sustainable response of their designers to the new emerging social challenges that we are facing,” Friedman says of the properties included. “In addition to innovation, I considered their architectural appearance and cleverness of the design.” Below, AD looks at seven of these incredible sustainable homes, offering a glimpse into what intentional, progressive living looks like.

1. SysHaus (São Paulo, Brazil)

Filippo Bamberghi

Designed by architect Arthur Casas for SysHaus, a prefabricated home company, these customizable dwellings represent impressive upgrades in the prefab market. Homeowners can customize floor plans to their needs, and all materials used in the construction are recyclable. Customers can also add a green roof (as seen at this home in São Paulo), a rainwater collection system, solar panels, and a biodigester, which converts waste into gas for cooking or heating.

2. Holmberg House (Belgrano, Argentina)

Fernando Schapochnik

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