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[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight’s Armament -The Firearm Blog

Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) has produced suppressors since the later 1970s, and they continue to do so. KAC displayed several new models at SHOT 2023 featuring additive manufacturing techniques.

[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight’s Armament

KAC’s range of new silencers includes four models ready for production and one prototype. All are made of Inconel and produced with 3D printing. This method of manufacture makes it possible to build very complex internal geometries that would be impossible to make with traditional machining methods, such as CNC machining. While the main body is Inconel, the attachment end and the muzzle cap are both stainless steel.

KAC states that advanced manufacturing and testing methods allow these suppressors to “endure 1.5-2 times the number of rounds fired before failure” compared to older designs. The four production-ready models will retail for around $1,500-1,600, and will hopefully be available by mid-year. That date is an estimate because the Knight’s silencer production team is currently busy making NT-4 suppressors for the USMC.

5.56 Suppressors

The smallest option is the QDC/MCQ-PRT (Quick Detach Coupling / Mini Close Quarters – Pressure Reduction Technology). Like other tiny silencers, this one maximizes maneuverability at the expense of sound suppression. KAC describes this can as usable with single-layer ear protection. The QDC attachment system uses an indexing post with a corresponding slot on the silencer, as well as spherical cuts in the muzzle device which accept ceramic ball bearings on the silencer.

The PRT system vents pressure forward to lower the back pressure in the suppressor and gas system. This helps smooth out the suppressed operation of the gun and pushes toxic gasses away from the firer. KAC has built all of their new silencers with this technology incorporated.

QDC/MCQ-PRT Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 4.43″
  • Additional Length Beyond Muzzle Device: 2.33″
  • Weight: 13.9 oz
  • Sound Reduction: 12 dB
[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight's Armament

[SHOT 2023] MCQ suppressor, equipped with the Pressure Reduction Technology system. Small vents are visible at the front of the suppressor.

[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight's Armament

[SHOT 2023] The MCQ is not much longer than its muzzle device

The next largest model is the QDC/CRS-PRT (CRS = Combat Rifle Suppressor), which is a full-size suppressor. Both the CRS and MCQ have flats positioned at the rear of the suppressor. These allow a user to remove a stuck suppressor with a wrench.

QDC/CRS-PRT Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 6.25″
  • Additional Length Beyond Muzzle Device: 4.15″
  • Weight: 19.2 ounces
  • Sound Reduction: 24 dB
[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight's Armament


Finally, we have the QDSS NT-4 PRG. The Quick Detach Sound Suppressor uses the same attachment method as existing NT-4 suppressors, so this is a direct swap for end users who are already using M4QD mounts. The NT-4 (and the other 5.56 cans) have little indentations around the surface of the silencer as an homage to the original NT-4. They are not really functional, but probably improve cooling and reduce weight ever so slightly while calling back to the OG NT-4.

The NT-4 also uses the PRG (pronounced “purge”) system. Most shooters are familiar with the “first round pop” effect, where the first shot of a string produces more noise and muzzle flash than the following shots. KAC began researching this phenomenon in 2017 and how to mitigate it. PRG is a patent pending design that “uses the blast pulse of the contained pressure to mechanically remove the combustible environment from the suppressor.” KAC claims the PRG system removes first-round flash almost entirely.

QDSS NT-4 PRG Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 6.75″
  • Additional Length Beyond Muzzle Device: 4.63″
  • Weight: 19.75 ounces
  • Sound Reduction: 28 dB

7.62 Models

The 7.62 QDC/CRS-PRG is the standard .30 caliber model. It, like the NT-4, incorporates the PRG system to reduce first-round flash. It also has the PRT system to reduce back pressure and keep toxic gasses away from the shooter. KAC does not have any plans for micro 7.62 suppressors at this time.

7.62 QDC/CRS-PRG Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 7.9″
  • Additional Length Beyond Muzzle Device: 5.65″
  • Weight: 23.2 ounces
  • Sound Reduction: 26 dB


[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight's Armament

[SHOT 2023] 7.62 QDC/CRS-PRG suppressor (note vents around the circumference of the muzzle cap)

[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight's Armament

[SHOT 2023] Detail of the Quick Detach Coupling system. The post (visible on the muzzle device) lines up with the slot visible in the suppressor. The ceramic ball bearings seen on the silencer nest into the corresponding cups seen on the muzzle device.

KAC also displayed a prototype direct thread suppressor. It is still in development and specifications were not provided, but it may become an option in the future. They called it the DRS, but we will have to wait and see if other acronyms are added to the full name.

[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight's Armament

[SHOT 2023] The pre-production DRS direct thread silencer, shown at left

And, just for fun, here are some awesome guns that were on display at the KAC booth. It is really amazing to see how wild the first AR-10 was when compared to other guns of its generation, and what it has grown and changed to become today.

[SHOT 2023] New 3D-Printed Suppressors From Knight's Armament

[SHOT 2023] KAC display of influential Stoner rifles, including (top to bottom) AR-10 serial number 3, Eugene Stoner’s SR-25, and an M110 with modernization kit

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