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Easy Ways to ​Make Passive Income Online As a Business Owner

2. Customizable templates

Web design concept

Web designers can sell templates to other business owners for customization on their own sites.

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Nguyen also has website and branding templates for purchase, which earn her money every month, she said. 

“They’re templates that I used in my own business,” she said. “I didn’t have to make anything new because I already created them for myself, and I just packaged them and put them behind a paywall.”

Other graphic designers or business owners can purchase her templates and customize them for their own sites, logos, and digital content. 

Becca Luna, the founder of the web and brand-development business Bold x Boho, also sells digital templates for other web designers or entrepreneurs to customize. She creates them on the web-design platform Showit, she told Insider.

“We have done over $1 million in passive income,” which has helped fund and grow her business while she spends her active time working with clients, she said.

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