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How Martin supersized the Dreadnought for a Custom Shop acoustic that’s louder, more dynamic and “hits you in the chest”

Go big or go home, as they say – and a new high-end acoustic guitar design from Martin, the company that gave birth to the Dreadnought in the early 1900s, certainly does that, though more subtly than you might think. 

The Super Dreadnought, recently debuted by Martin’s Custom Shop, takes the classic square-shouldered, bass-rich design that’s been copied by nearly every acoustic maker in the world and enlarges it even further. The result is a louder, grander instrument that “hits you in the chest” when you play. But does it only boom or can it whisper, too? And how do you make a larger guitar feel comfortable under the arm of both strummers and fingerstylists alike? 

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