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Skyrim Fan 3D Prints Whole Set of Dragon Priest Armor

A fan of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim shares that they are recreating a whole set of the in-game Dragon Priest armor through 3D printing.

A fan of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has recently shared that they have 3D printed a whole set of Dragon Priest armor as one of their latest projects. Given that Dragon Priests are known to be one of the more challenging foes in Skyrim, fellow fans of the action RPG are likely looking forward to seeing the artist complete the entire look.

It seems that many fans of the action RPG have recently taken a liking to making real-life versions of gear found inside the game. Given the sheer amount of Skyrim weapons, armor, and small items that can be interacted with, it is not surprising for players to want to bring them out into the real world. Some fans have already made physical weapons made out of traditional materials like metal and wood. Others, like this fan, utilize 3D printing to digitally model their projects to make extremely accurate and detailed pieces of Skyrim equipment.


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According to Redditor lpickamyl, they had started on the Skyrim Dragon Priest armor project after they had finished making a real-life version of the game’s Staff of Magnus. In hopes of making something “a little bigger,” they posted an image of their progress with the armor set. In the photo, several pieces of golden armor are seen laid out, including the iconic mask that players get as drops when defeating one of the Dragon Priests in the game. The Redditor shared that it had taken them months of design modeling and revisions, then printing, until the set was finally ready to be put together.

Fellow Skyrim fans seemed to be in awe of lpickamyl’s 3D printed work in the Reddit thread. One even tagged the Reddit account of the creator of the Skyrim Dragon Priest characters, Jonah Lobe. Lobe sent a reply to the thread, stating that they “have been waiting for this moment their entire life.” Fans shared that they were looking forward to seeing the full armor set being worn as cosplay, while others hope that the artist will also start 3D print projects for other Skyrim pieces such as the Dwarven Centurion or Dwarven Spider.

With the amount of support and encouragement the Skyrim community has given to lpickamyl, it is likely that they will continue their work of 3D printing items found within the action RPG. Hopefully they also continue to share their progress online, as Skyrim fans will likely love to see how they are doing with their creative process.

Skyrim is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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