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21 Best- and Worst-Dressed Celebrities at the 2023 Golden Globes

2023 golden globes best and worst dressed

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After a well-deserved hiatus, the still-controversial Golden Globes finally made its return tonight. The stars came out in (mostly) high style to mark the occasion and also to maybe lend the proceedings an air of respectability. Classic glamour was on the menu, but does that mean every star nailed the look for the night? Come with us on a journey of fashion and judgment as we serve up our picks for some of the best and worst looks of the evening.

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Margot Robbie in Chanel

The Babylon star got a jump on the Barbie promotional style by sporting this sexy and shimmering pink Chanel gown. The movie, where she plays the iconic fashion doll, doesn’t come out until July, but we’d just bet she’ll be wearing a lot more pink between now and then, so this feels like an unofficial kickoff. Our only quibble is that shredded fringe at the hem, which we don’t love.


Emma D’Arcy in Acne Studios

As they noted in a red carpet interview, what could be a better example of non-binary style than wearing half a skirt and a pair of pants at the same time? The charismatic House of the Dragon star looked striking and unforgettable in this ensemble, perfectly coordinating their blue hair and eye makeup with an eye-catching pair of gloves. The boots make a fabulous finishing touch too.


Daisy Edgar Jones in Gucci

We confess to being a bit surprised by how much we love this dress for the star of Where the Crawdads Sing. We tend to dislike overdesigned frocks, and this one comes right up to the line of being too much. But the lack of color does a lot to keep the design from going overboard. It’s dramatic and sexy, which is why her yoga hair is such a disappointing choice.


Michelle Yeoh in Armani Prive

The star of Everything Everywhere All at Once went for a sophisticated sort of glamour in this eye-catching midnight-blue gown with a multilayered peplum effect and a lot of subtle sparkle. It has both a touch of fantasy to it but also an elegant sense of restraint. Perfect awards season style. As always, her jewelry is stunning.


Jamie Lee Curtis in Valentino

The Everything Everywhere All at Once star was clearly in her glory in this dramatic Valentino creation, posing to show off the black lace cape at every opportunity. That’s probably what you’re supposed to do when you’re wearing a black lace cape, but it looked to us like something you drape over a piano.


Eddie Redmayne in Valentino

The star of The Good Nurse has a preference for whimsical menswear, which we appreciate, but we think this one is a little too precious for us. The rosette is fine, but those puddled pants and boots look terrible. The color is drab, and we think the sheer shirt is one element too many.


Ana de Armas in Louis Vuitton

The Blonde star got as far away from Marilyn Monroe style as she possibly could in this somewhat stiffly formal LV gown. We like the shape of it, and she looks good in black, but that center panel looks too heavy and stiff. We would’ve liked it better with a less boxy-looking bust.


Natasha Lyonne in Givenchy

The Poker Face star turned heads and raised eyebrows—in our living room, at least—by straightening her hair and ditching her normally laid-back style for a look far more severe and striking than we’re used to seeing from her. It’s giving Old Hollywood Diva, but somehow, she makes it seems perfectly modern and of the moment. We love the drama of the shoulders, gloves, and those killer rings.


Barry Keoghan in Louis Vuitton

We have to admit that we’re a little torn on this one. Lorenzo loves the uniqueness of this choice by the star of The Banshees of Inisherin, but Tom thinks the jacket is too short and the shoes don’t work with it. We both love the color and the unusual (and literal) twist on a bow tie.


Michelle Williams in Gucci

The star of The Fabelmans looked like she was drowning in a sea of ruffles. We feel like it’s a look that’s trying for whimsy but wound up landing on awkward instead. The design could be improved with about one-third of the ruffles removed, but we’re afraid we don’t like the shape or that pale-yellow color for her either. Let’s never speak of this again, Michelle.


Li Jun Li in Dolce & Gabbana

On a night where sparkle ruled the red carpet, the Babylon star still managed to stand out from the pack in this impeccable, shimmering gown. There’s no attempt to reinvent any wheels or follow any trends here. It’s just a quietly flawless look.

The Pam & Tommy star took her style in a much more overtly sexy and über-glam direction ever since she first transformed herself into Pamela Anderson, so this bold Versace look feels like a continuation of a style journey she’s been on for some time. We like how over-the-top the skirt design is, but the waist is cutting into her. Those crisscrossing midriff straps aren’t working.


Anya Taylor-Joy in Dior

The star of The Menu has long established herself as a girl who loves dramatic, severe, editorial fashion—which is why these shiny, egg-salad-colored strips of fabric just aren’t doing it for her. The design is nearly nonexistent, and she couldn’t have picked a worse color for herself.


Letitia Wright in Prada

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star has been slaying red carpets for months in what felt like a major step forward in her style evolution: an understanding that she has a world-class model’s ability to make minimalist fashion look like art. We think this gown would look like nothing at all on a different wearer, but she makes it come alive. It’s a unique, head-turning look that found its perfect wearer.

The Wednesday star took a break from the goth looks she’s been sporting for the past few months and chose this floaty, fantasy-inspired…mess of a gown, we’re sorry to say. Ironically, if it had been in black, instead of this nude pantyhose color, she could have sold it as a witchy-sort-of look, which is a style we all know she can pull off easily.


Jessica Chastain in Oscar de la Renta

The star of George and Tammy has loved sparkly, theatrical sorts of looks since well before her award-winning and critically acclaimed turns as fellow sparkle queens Tammy Faye Baker and Tammy Wynette. While we love any gal who can work a drag queen gown, we don’t think the neutral lining works for this design. We can’t help thinking how much more dramatic this would look if the backing had been black.


Elizabeth Debicki in Dior

We think this may have been our biggest disappointment of the night. The star of The Crown showed up in this rather dreary looking Dior in a color that didn’t do much for her with a bust design that looked like a deflated balloon. She’s got the looks and bearing of a classic supermodel—this should’ve been an easy one to get right.

Another look that inspired a little debate between us. Once again, Lorenzo loves the over-the-top fantasy fashion feel of this Gucci confect. Tom feels like the Inventing Anna star, who has a knack for wearing more extreme sorts of looks, might have bitten off more than she could chew, so to speak. So, depending on which one of us you ask, this dress is either too much or it’s too fabulous for words.


Quinta Brunson in Christian Siriano

As two people with an unhealthy focus on such matters, we feel qualified to say that the Abbott Elementary creator and star has really entered a style sweet spot in the past few months. It’s always fun for us to watch a rising star figure out her red carpet style in real time. This Siriano confection is perfectly fitted and proportioned for her, with drama, chicness, and hotness served up in equal measure.


Heidi Klum in Kevin Germanier

You know, we didn’t think the host of America’s Got Talent and Making the Cut could ever find a new way to wear half a dress, but bless her heart, she managed it. On the one hand, it’s a terrible frock. On the other hand, she’s working it like no one else could work it. We remain impressed.


Angela Bassett in Pamella Rolland

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star served up the very best kind of glam, as far as we’re concerned: confident and unfussy. The kind of glamour that feels so natural to the person serving it that it’s easy to assume it’s effortless. The design is simple but classic, and it suits her perfectly.

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