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10 Cars That Are So Ugly, We’re Wondering What The Manufacturers Were Thinking

Calling a car ugly nowadays is almost as dangerous as siding with the likes of Andrew Tate. See, in the car world, there are two ways of thinking: With your heart, or with your head. Sometimes these two entities collide and bash head-on with one another. Let’s explain.

Take for instance the carmaker, Ford. Despite them being responsible for some of the greatest, and most influential cars ever, there are a few used Fords we wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Those despicable cars aren’t inherently garbage or ugly, but there were a few fatal flaws we couldn’t just glance over objectively. But we digress.

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One crucial, yet often overlooked attribute surrounding cars is their design. Some people base their final design when buying a car on the car’s appearance alone. But we’re not here to highlight some of the most beautiful Aston Martins, we’re here to shine a light on the ugly ducklings.

Usually, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but when it comes to these cars, all sense gets thrown out the window, and your opinion is irrelevant. Let’s have a look at some of the worst-looking cars ever.

10/10 Fiat Multipla

The front of a red 2006 fiat multipla
Via NetCarShow

For years upon end, the Fiat Multipla garnered a reputation as the ugliest car the world had ever seen. Is that a bit extreme? Well, we beg to differ. After the blood spewing out of your eyes dries up, have a closer look. What do you see?

There is one simple reason behind the Multipla’s heinous design. The Fiat Multipla looks as if four cars morphed into one. The bottom half embodies one of the most useless car features, plastic cladding. The headlights look like worried eyes found on a toad, the hood step takes inspiration from an inbred Smart Car, and the rest is too confusing to make fun of.

9/10 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Front 3/4 view of a red PT Cruiser

In all honesty, the Chrysler PT Cruiser doesn’t deserve as bad of a wrap as it’s gotten over the years. Yes, it looks like a retro sporty hearse of Asian descent, and yes, it was rather slow and dreadful to drive. But look on the bright side.

The PT Cruiser is… uhm… it has… wow. Okay, maybe the PT Cruiser really is a face only a mother can love.

8/10 Nissan S-Cargo

A look at the 1989 Nissan S-Cargo.
Via: Nissan

Albeit awkward-shaped, goofy, and looks like its entire design got sketched with a pencil and protractor, there is still a loveable side to the Nissan S-Cargo. See, in Japan, they call this a kei car.

In essence, this meant it was an extraordinarily miniature motor vehicle that barely met motor regulations to save manufacturers and buyers money in the process. What we’re trying to say is that the Nissan S-Cargo is hideous, yet cute at the same time.

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7/10 Pontiac Aztek

2003 Pontiac Aztek Side View
via Pontiac

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Contrary to popular belief, the stud called Walter White from Breaking Bad drives one of the ugliest cars in the world, the Pontiac Aztek. Back in the ’90s when the Aztek got released to the public, outrage already sparked surrounding its coupe-inspired design and bulky SUV frame.

They say time heals all, but in the curious case of the Pontiac Aztek, we don’t think even an eternity would be enough to heal our eyes from this wretched creature.

6/10 Youabian Puma

Youabian Puma
Via Puma Automobiles

It’s a noble act to follow your dreams, even when they don’t align with your career necessarily. We applaud Dr. Kambiz Youabian, a highly-esteemed LA cosmetic surgeon, for doing just that. Despite his medical knowledge, he set out to craft his own car exactly to his liking.

This was his end result, the Youabian Puma. With such a tongue-twister of a name, we wouldn’t expect anything else than what you see above. A bubbly topless sports car, with semi-exposed front fenders, and off-road tires. Yuck.

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5/10 Subaru Tribeca

Front 3/4 view of the B9 Tribeca

To be frank, the Subaru Tribeca isn’t such a vomit-inducing car as the rest on our list. That is until you have a closer look at its front facia. Not only is its grille entirely disproportionate, but its headlights are offputting, and the rest of it is way too bland.

We’re still trying to decipher where Subaru took inspiration from to mold that front end. Perhaps a malnourished Bugatti Veyron? Maybe a drug-addicted Alfa Romeo? Guess we’ll never know…

4/10 Mitsuoka Orochi

Mitsuoka Orochi - Front
Via Car & Classic

For some reason, a handful of people swear that the Mitsuoka Orochi is a brilliant piece of automotive ingenuity, just a misunderstood one, that is. Behind the driver lives an underwhelming Lexus-derived 3.3-liter V6 that generates just about 230 hp.

To make matters worse, the Mitsuoka Orochi takes 7 seconds to reach 60 mph from a dig. Therefore, everyone has the wonderful opportunity to stare at you a second or two longer and bathe in your appalling appearance​​​​​​ while the local hot hatches passes you without a care in the world.

3/10 Qvale Mangusta

Qvale Mangusta - Front Quarter
Again, the Qvale Mangusta isn’t per se a repulsive motor vehicle, but it’s far from being a stunner on the streets. See, there’s nothing blatantly wrong with the Mangusta, but then again, there’s nothing right with it either. Every crease and line looks incomplete; almost as if one overlaps the other and cuts it off. There was so much potential with the Qvale Mangusta, such a shame we never got to see it reach its true potential.

2/10 SsangYong Actyon

Blue 2009 SsangYong Actyon
Via: Noticias coches

See, here at HotCars, we actually don’t like to poke fun at automakers (unless they deserve it of course), but there is very little we can say about the SsangYong Actyon. No, that’s not just because it’s a soulless car, but after scouring the web for pictures of it, we became blind.

This was not due to natural causes, but rather due to the SsangYong Actyon’s appearance. From the moment we laid eyes on the Actyon, we wanted to gauge out our eyes – so we did.

1/10 BMW i Vision Dee

BMW i Vision Dee Concept
Via: BMW Blog

BMW’s design team officially lost their heads. Sure, we weren’t expecting much from their next-generation electric sedan, but considering we had the i8, we thought BMW would finally come around.

No, instead we have this to look forward to, the i Vision Dee. Its entire exterior can shift colors and its grille is nothing but an illusion. Worst of all though, maybe the i Vision Dee will replace the 3-Series as we know it in the near future. It’s too farfetched and doesn’t have enough BMW-ness to it. Fortunately, this is still a concept car.

Sources: Autoweek, Auto Express UK

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