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Jitsu Squad: Every Character, Ranked

Jitsu Squad has a limited amount of cute and aggressive characters to play, but that doesn’t account for the really cool bosses and villains that are often used as comical punching bags by you and your friends. The hero or villain title doesn’t really matter here in terms of ranking.

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You might have a particular liking for the bosses in this game’s story, or you’re driven and swayed by the hero’s overall motives. Whichever side you prefer, there are characters in this game that are subjectively better than others based on their story, design, and overall combat skills.


13/13 Ramen The Wise Monk

Ramen The Wise Monk in Jitsu Squad

You might be thinking, doesn’t the mentor of the Jitsu Squad deserve to be ranked higher than a ton of villains or even the heroes he trained? He’s essential in the story for forming the Jitsu Squad, guiding and training the heroes, and having an interesting past. Still, that backstory doesn’t rank him higher when he becomes in need of his own formed squad’s rescue, as Origami and his minions helplessly abduct him. It also doesn’t help that we don’t really see him fight in-game, which makes ranking him higher unfair.

12/13 Balthazar

Balthazar in Jitsu Squad

Though he’s funny even when he doesn’t try to be, especially when he claims to have been voted the sexiest pirate of the year, there isn’t much to say about this enraged rhino pirate you wind up meeting in Pirate Bay as an enemy affiliated with Origami. Looks-wise, he does seem a bit scary with his giant anchor that he swings. It doesn’t help that he tries to squash you by hooking his anchor up his ship, but upon fighting him, you’ll realize that his damage leaves much to be desired. How that works, we will never really know.

11/13 Viper

Viper in Jitsu Squad

She’s a well-designed snake woman who is the queen of Infernia. Her abilities are straightforward and predictable, as she shoots poison balls against her enemies. Her second form of attack looks like a green laser, and she can also roll around and cause damage like a porcupine. Despite her elegant design, she’s less a talker and more a hisser than the previous boss. Even if she’s a bit more difficult to fight, her attack patterns which involve her shooting green rays and rolling like a porcupine eventually become predictable.

10/13 Frost

Frost from Jitsu Squad against Baby O'Hara

For a tiger of a few words, Frost is a bit more interesting in terms of attacks. Not only does he have tankier attacks and pesky ice spikes that he can punch from the ground, but his attacks can also come in combos that would be particularly hard to dodge out of. Frost can transform into an overpowered samurai that rushes toward you. If you squint closely enough, you’ll find that he’s turned into a human, so he isn’t just a tiger in samurai armor.

9/13 Raven

Raven from Jitsu Squad

Raven is your classic sorcerer who turned dark in the quest for more power, hence his choice to be one of Origami’s henchmen. Appearing to be Jazz’s evil counterpart because Jazz is a good wizard, Raven’s powers are just as dark as his design and name.

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He has the power of necromancy and is able to raise skeletons and zombies to fight off the Jitsu Squad. In his boss battle, he can summon zombies to his aid, and when he suits up in his armor, you might notice that he’s a bit green.

8/13 Slayer

Slayer from Jitsu Squad

Slayer is definitely a busy bee, and she’s even busier with that sting combo of hers that she employs against your character. The fact that she feasts on human flesh doesn’t make her any less scary, even if she flies around with her poleax as a guitar that shoots projectiles in her second form. But it all seems to be a survival mechanism for her since she does attack others for the sake of feeding herself and feeding her voracious flesh-hungry hive. Although not a lot of people would choose to serve a dark overlord so that they’re able to feed themselves and their families, it does make her an interesting character nonetheless.

7/13 Shade

Shade from Jitsu Squad

Shade is amazing in more ways than one; she can summon shadow clones of previous bosses at will, making the battle with her especially painful. She can utilize the attacks of former bosses and shift forms at random.

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It’s a good thing that Jitsu Squad is played in co-op, and if you’re playing it alone, you must really know what pain feels like trying to solo Shade. Despite Jitsu Squad being generally fun and games, Shade’s aesthetic is very mysterious and dark, which is appropriate for somebody who seems to be the darker counterpart of Baby.

6/13 Origami

Origami from Jitsu Squad

The man behind it all doesn’t really rank the highest. Although we love poking fun at the expressions he makes when he’s attacked, there isn’t much flexibility to this character. Design-wise, he’s a head with two fists floating in a space-like void. He takes up a lot of room, but there is a limitation to that advantage, as he isn’t really capable of dodging the squad’s attacks as much. In terms of combat ability, Origami hits hard with his fists as he tries to pummel you in the final fight.

5/13 Dash Kobayashi

Dash Kobayashi from Jitsu Squad

His talent for the sword made him the strongest henchman that Origami has, which also ironically ranks him higher than his boss. Dash is the first boss you encounter and try to defeat, and he’s the last boss you’ll have to deal with alongside Origami. But even in that fight involving Origami, Dash does a lot of the work through speed and skill. When looking at his design, we can immediately tell that he’s Hero’s anti-thesis up to their scars. He’s an interesting enemy to fight and is pivotal to the plot of the game.

4/13 Aros Helgason

Aros Helgason from Jitsu Squad

Aros is the image of what rock stars would look like if they were Vikings and warthogs. But for all his funny attack sequences and aesthetic, not to mention the hilarious way he rows the boat with some Jitsu Squad members on his horns, a tragic backstory lies hidden. He’s tanky, and he smashes enemies with a sword, and you can also knock enemies back with his skill.

3/13 Baby O’Hara

Baby O'Hara from Jitsu Squad

Baby has an amazing skill set that allows her to transform multiple times to shoot enemies with a target, as well as bombard them with projectiles. If only we could handle as many outfit changes as her and still look cool in fights. Like everybody in the squad, she also has a backstory that motivated her to fight against the evil or Origami. What makes her a fun character, in general, is that she gives way to a faster-attacking kind of gameplay.

2/13 Jazz Amun

Jazz Amun from Jitsu Squad

Jazz had been motivated to fight evil even before joining the Jitsu Squad, which makes him a unique character. Not to mention, he does break the stereotype of monks being bald as he sports an afro. He was part of the Black Lotus, consisting of holy priests that guarded against evil. This is the same order that Raven comes from, and he defects from them to side with Origami for further power. Past aside, we have to agree that even if we don’t use his frog tongue in battle, he gives liberty to an agile way of playing the game when you can fly while spinning around with him.

1/13 Hero Yamagiwa

Hero Yamagiwa from Jitsu Squad

Hero lives up to his name, especially in the context of waging vengeance against his fallen clan and father. He was a shinobi turned tanuki on the quest of finding the traitor of his clan. It’s not hard to root for the guy, especially when he’s blessed with a good set of skills and a shiny Sakura Blade. His reason for fighting against evil is also a very personal experience since he had everything taken away from him by the traitor. Aside from being the main character, he’s also a lot of fun to play since you can get creative with the slashes he dishes out against enemies.

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