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Which Techy New Year’s Resolution Is Most Appealing to You?

How will you better yourself as you ring in the new year?

With the start of a new year, it’s natural to assess your life and see how you can improve yourself. Sure, you could go with one of the classic resolutions, like eating healthier, working out regularly, or saving more money than usual.

But with all the technology at our disposal, it’s easy to get creative with resolutions and choose something more unique. Why not try one of these?

Learn a New Skill With Online Resources

skillshare website on a laptop

Instead of using your laptop to play a game or binge another episode of your favorite TV show, why not use it to learn a new skill through Skillshare? If you don’t know what Skillshare is, it’s a service that’s home to unique classes taught by skilled teachers. You can explore live classes and workshops to choose from a wide range of topics, including personal development, creative fine art endeavors, business analytics, leadership, and more.

Start a Side Hustle

Then, with your newly learned skills—or the skills you already have—you can start a side hustle to earn a little extra money. The key to a successful side hustle is to identify what you’re already good at and see how you can use those talents to your advantage. You could use an app to find side jobs or try diving into freelance website design, technical writing, or sharing your tips and experiences on YouTube or Twitch.

woman looking at a laptop on the bed

You could also opt for a more personal resolution, like using your laptop, smartphone, smart speaker, and so on to stay in better contact with loved ones. Schedule a weekly video chat with a friend, or plan to celebrate family birthdays virtually over Zoom if everyone lives too far apart to get together in person.

Reduce Your Screen Time

Maybe you’ve noticed that you spend too much time in front of screens, and you want to change that. From looking at a smartphone all day, watching the news on the TV in the morning, staring at a computer screen at work, binging a show on Netflix at night, or playing a video game to unwind, screens are incredibly present in our lives. Try to go one day without screens—or at least, consciously try to minimize your screen usage—and see how you feel!

Which Resolution Are You Committing to This Year?

Out of these four resolutions for the new year, which one sounds most appealing to you? Or, if something sparked a different idea, feel free to respond with your unique answer! Other people may want to take up the same resolution as you.

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