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10 Reasons Why Driving Enthusiasts Should Consider A Ferrari Roma

Ferrari is the most popular auto brand in the world. While Ferrari has made a name for itself in the supercar market, the Italian brand has evolved to include some of the most iconic grand tourers as well.

The modern Ferrari Roma is the perfect example of this as it features an all-new design that manages to pay homage to iconic Ferrari models of the past. The elegance of Ferrari is on full display, allowing you to gracefully cruise around town in absolute luxury.

Thinking about getting the ultimate grand tourer? You’re in the right place. Here’s why driving enthusiasts around the world should consider the Ferrari Roma.

10/10 An Elegant Design

Black Ferrari-Roma-2020 parked
Via: Ferrari

The Ferrari Roma is an all-new two-door coupe that comes with a modern, elegant design. The front end of the Roma comes with a bold new look that features a mesh grille that seamlessly blends into the body of the coupe. The rear of the Ferrari builds on this as it features sleek, retro-style taillights.

Ferrari-Roma-2020-Rear Trunk
Via: Netcarshow

While the Ferrari Roma comes with an elegant design, it’s still a Ferrari at the end of the day. This means that the Roma comes with massive, quad tailpipes and massive five-spoked alloy wheels. Ferrari does offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to build the perfect Roma for you.

9/10 Modern Interior

The interior of the Ferrari Roma.
Via: Wikimedia Commons

Ferrari went out of its way to create a modern interior that pushes the limits of what Ferrari can deliver. The Roma is designed to be a grand tourer from the ground up and includes the very best in luxury and technology. This means the Roma comes with everything you need to comfortably cruise across the continent with ease.

via Ferrari

The interior of the Ferrari Roma features three digital displays for the driver, passenger, and center console. All three displays are connected to the same infotainment system, allowing you to control the entire car without having to reach over. Ferrari also included a few retro elements in the cockpit, with the gear selector being one of the most iconic introductions.

8/10 Cutting Edge Technology

A front view of the 2020 Ferrari Roma.
Via: Carpixel

The Ferrari Roma does not just look modern, the coupe is modern from the inside out. This means that the Roma comes with cutting-edge technology that can help you cross continents with ease. This includes comfort features like multi-zone climate control and performance features like the iconic race mode.

via: Flickr

The Roma builds on Ferrari’s luxury vehicles by creating dynamic driver modes to help you set the car up perfectly for everyday driving. Ferrari makes switching drive modes easy by including a switch directly to the steering wheel. This gives the Ferrari an elegant look while remaining incredibly practical.

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7/10 Premium Infotainment System

 Ferrari Roma
via Ferrari

The infotainment system in the Ferrari Roma is not just available on the center screen as the Roma comes with multiple displays. The passenger display sits directly in front of the passenger and allows them to view essential data about the car along with infotainment settings.

Ferrari Roma, Blue
Via Novitec Group

This means that the passenger can completely control the music and navigation without having to reach over to the center screen. The infotainment system in the Roma is also incredibly advanced and comes with the latest navigation system as standard.

6/10 Wireless Connectivity

via Ferrari

The infotainment system in the Ferrari Roma is one of the most advanced systems in the automotive market. This infotainment system also comes with Apple CarPlay to help you connect to your smartphone with ease. However, this system is completely wireless, allowing you to connect to the car while it’s still in your pocket.


The Ferrari Roma also comes with comfort access technology. This means that you don’t need to insert the key into the Roma to start the car. Instead, you can just jump in with the proximity key in your pocket and start the car with the push of a button.

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5/10 Retro Finishes

Via: Netcarshow

The Ferrari Roma comes with a few unique design features to make the coupe stand out. This includes a few retro design elements that come from older, iconic Ferrari models. The most notable retro design feature is the gear selector that looks and feels like the manual gear selectors of the past.

Interior of the Ferrari Roma tuned by Novitec
via Novitec

It’s no secret that the Ferrari Roma is filled with modern technology. However, the exterior design does include sleek, angular headlights that make the Roma incredibly unique. The interior finishes are also symmetrical in nature, creating a comfortable cockpit to insulate the driver.

4/10 Passenger Display

Via: Netcarshow

As mentioned above, the Ferrari Roma comes with a passenger display that’s mounted to the dashboard. This innovative display is crystal clear, allowing the passenger to control various aspects of the Roma’s infotainment system.

Via: Netcarshow

The passenger display is perfect for controlling media playback but is most useful to help with navigation. This is because the passenger can quickly enter the destination address without having to reach over and distract the driver. In addition to this, the passenger screen can display essential information about the car during performance runs.

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3/10 A Powerful V8 Engine

Ferrari-Roma-2020-Sleek Side
Via: Netcarshow

When it comes to performance, the Ferrari Roma is incredibly impressive. The Ferrari Roma comes with a powerful V8 engine that can produce around 612 HP with ease. The Roma was designed with tons of aluminum and carbon fiber, allowing the model to come with a total dry weight of just 3,245 lbs.

Ferrari-Roma-2020-Side By Side
Via: Netcarshow

The engine in the Ferrari Roma is designed for performance and luxury at the same time. While the full might of the engine can be unleashed in track mode, the Roma can also tone down for everyday driving. This highlights the versatility of the Ferrari Roma.

2/10 Impressive Track Performance

Side look of the Ferrari Roma tuned by Novitec
via Novitec

The Ferrari Roma can leverage both its engine and aerodynamics to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds. In addition to this, the Roma can accelerate to 125 miles per hour in around 9.3 seconds. With a top speed of around 200 miles an hour, the Roma is the best of both worlds.

Ferrari Roma, Blue
Via Novitec Group

As mentioned above, the Ferrari Roma comes with a few impressive driver modes to help you set the car up perfectly for performance driving. This includes a few sports modes that can help stiffen the suspension and boost the throttle response when on track.

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1/10 A Luxurious Daily Driver

The 2020 Ferrari Roma in the night.
Via: Carpixel

The Ferrari Roma is designed to be the perfect blend of performance and luxury. This is why Ferrari went out of its way to include a powerful V8 engine and tons of soft-touch luxury in the new Roma. While the Roma does include a modern infotainment system, it also includes soft-touch materials throughout the cabin.

Ferrari Roma
Via: Top Gear

The balance between performance and luxury is what allows the Roma to become a luxurious daily driver. While the Roma is not exactly economical, Ferrari has included an economical drive mode for everyday driving. This softens the suspension and allows you to conserve fuel as you drive around town. This mode also comes in handy for long-distance driving.

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