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How to organize your bedroom in 5 easy steps

Bedrooms are such important spaces to get right in a home. They should be a place we retreat to, that helps us to unwind from our day and allows us to drift peacefully off to sleep. When renovating a house it is always a good idea to start with a bedroom. When you are knee deep in a renovation project you will be grateful to have a bit of sanctuary amongst the chaos. 

Here, with the help of some of the best designers who have created the best modern bedrooms, I share five ways to help organize your bedroom to make sure it is a calm and relaxing space. Antonia Winkler von Stiernhielm from Studio Anton explains how when she is designing bedrooms, ‘the priority should always be that they feel inviting and warm. I like to create a place for my clients to escape from their to-do list.’ As someone with a seemingly never ending to-do list, I certainly like the sound of that!  

How to organize your bedroom in 5 easy steps 

1. Start with the smallest surfaces

neutral bedroom with organized bedside table

(Image credit: Studio Anton)

Taking the time to look critically at what you have in a bedroom – both on display and hidden in bedroom storage like drawers and wardrobes – will be one of the most impactful steps towards an organized and ordered space. A regular declutter of your possessions has a whole host of benefits, from helping you to enjoy the things that (to quote Marie Kondo) spark joy, to helping you invest in pieces more wisely by becoming more mindful of those items that continue to be your beloved pieces year after year. 

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