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The new Twitter UI is getting roasted (on Twitter)

Ah, Twitter. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and I wouldn’t blame you after the last few years), you’re probably aware that the social media platform’s new ownership has led to a few, er, teething problems. And acting as a perfect microcosm for the company itself, Twitter’s new UI has been declared an absolute mess.

The various icons beneath a tweet have been tweaked, with extra information and spacing added. But from the double instance of a tweet’s view count to inconsistent ordering, the whole enterprise suggests Elon Musk definitely fired all of the brand’s competent designers. (Need a palette cleanser? Check out the best website templates around.)

Screenshot of a Tweet highlighting bad elements of the Twitter UI

Would it have been so hard to line up corresponding icons and statistics? (Image credit: @blockwonkel on Twitter/Future owns)

Right now, ‘Twitter UI’ is trending on, yes, Twitter. And after a cursory glance, it seems fair to say that over 100% of the comments are negative. The cluttered new design is reminding users of a 90s virus-infected Microsoft Internet Explorer, thanks to its cluttered mess of information. We’ll let some tweets do the talking.

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