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Meet a full-time medical tattoo artist

In 2019, Jenean LaCorte put down her paintbrush and picked up a tattoo needle. 

In a major shift, she went from painting murals to making 3D nipple tattoos for people who’ve had mastectomies, as a full-time medical tattoo artist.

But as cool as her job sounds, it came with a price; committing to the new job meant accepting a pay cut.

“I really try to keep my prices at an affordable rate because most of the time patients have to battle their insurance to even cover the cost to be [re]imbursed, or they’ve [already] spent so much on all of their various treatments to get there,” LaCorte tells CNBC Make It.

She now makes about $30,000 a year, which is less than what she made as a painter. And when she has clients who can’t afford their tattoos, she finds ways to help them cover the costs, either by using her own money or by raising funds for them through partnerships with companies like Desert Harvest.

Still, LaCorte wouldn’t change a thing, and says being a medical tattoo artist matters more to her than her salary.

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