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3D-printed titanium Mythos TX-1 handlebar could be yours, for £1,250

Mythos, the British bike components manufacturer that previously brought us a £500 3D-printed bar stem, is at it again. This time, the company is offering a £1,250 (about US$1,508) 3D-printed titanium handlebar.

Called the TX-1, the new bar is designed specifically for track racing bikes – this means it isn’t designed to accommodate brake levers or shifters. That said, Mythos has told the BikeRadar website that a road version may be on the way.

The handlebar is made via a 3D printing process known as electronic beam melting (EBM). Putting it simply, this technique involves using an electron beam to selectively melt powdered metal within a vacuum, building the desired item up one layer at a time. In the case of the TX-1, that metal is aerospace-grade titanium.

The TX-1 has a 31.8-mm clamp diameter, and is available in three different widths
The TX-1 has a 31.8-mm clamp diameter, and is available in three different widths


The bar takes advantage of new UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) regulations that allow the handlebar to sit 10 cm (3.9 inches) in front of the front wheel axle, letting riders tuck into a lower, more aerodynamic position. Other selling features include aerofoil cross sections, and six different built-in hand positions.

And then of course, there’s also that nifty raw titanium finish.

We’ve inquired about the total bar weight, but are still waiting to hear back. As mentioned, the TX-1 will cost you £1,250, although British buyers should note that the inclusion of VAT will boost that figure to £1,500.

Source: Mythos via BikeRadar

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