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Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus 3D Printer Review: Affordable Large Volume, Direct Drive

The Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus is the middle child of the new Neptune 3 line of printers, falling between the Neptune 3 Pro and the Neptune 3 Max. The Neptune 3 Plus offers an impressive 320mm x 320mm x 400mm build volume and features the same direct drive extruder and automatic leveling probe as the smaller Neptune 3 Pro, a printer that impressed us during testing. The Neptune 3 Plus lives up to this reputation, and we were impressed with the quality and features of the printer as well as how easy it was to set up. 

The features of the Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus are impressive on their own, but when weighed against its $350 retail price, it deserves a place among the best 3D printers. The Neptune 3 Plus handles notoriously difficult-to-print flexible TPU filament just as easily as it handles PLA, and the included Elegoo Cura slicer app makes it easy for beginners to set up their first prints.

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