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HTL is in our West African studio profile series

HTL Africa is an ‘idea factory’ according to its founder James George, who established the architecture practice in 2011. ‘I like to look at it as a group of people who collaborate to make working megacities,’ George says of the firm’s team of 11. ‘I collaborate a lot with external actors – model makers, sometimes artists.’

At the heart of the practice is a focus on performance, which George feels is often lacking in the field. ‘Globally in architecture, there’s no understanding that buildings are objects of performance. I think beauty is not important in the sense that we make it important. Architecture must engage with the environment in a way that enhances the environment, and in a way that creates the opportunity for people to have equality and change.’

compact house prototype by HTL Africa / James George

(Image credit: HTL Africa)

West African studios: HTL

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