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5 Awesome AI Tools That Every Business Owner Should Try

Awesome AI Tools


Artificial intelligence can play a significant role in helping a small business owner build a visual brand. That statement begs a couple of questions: what is a visual brand, and why should an entrepreneur care? Well, a visual brand consists of the visual elements a business uses to represent itself, build credibility with the public and distinguish itself from the competition. Key visual brand elements are logo, color scheme, font typography and the use of images.

At one time, the only way to develop effective visual design elements was to engage a professional graphic designer or acquire those design skills yourself. AI is changing that. With today’s technology, AI design tools and the elements they produce are within the reach of everyone.

With today’s AI tools, you can create logos, devise a color scheme and even build an entire website. Here are five AI tools that are worth a look from every business owner.


Designs.ai is an AI visual design suite that can help you design a logo, pair colors and fonts, create videos and perfect images. Of all visual design elements, perhaps none is as important as a logo. Just think of the Target bullseye or the Amazon smile, and you’ll realize how effectively a logo can make people remember a company, be it large or small.

You don’t need any design experience to use the Designs.ai Logomaker. You just specify some info about your company and some style preferences, and Logomaker presents samples from its repository of more than 10,000 icons. Then you can customize the one you like best. Logomaker will export it along with a brand identity kit. Among other capabilities, the identity kit will help you choose colors and add them to your design palette.

Your logo is available in different formats and sizes so you can use it on paper and products as well as on your website, email and social media posts. The visual quality is quite good for a DIY tool but perhaps not quite what you’d get from a pro.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands offers not only a logo maker but an entire suite of tools to help you get up and running in the online business world. They can assist in website design, in helping you choose and register your domain name and even in setting up your business as a limited liability company (LLC) in your state.

The Tailor Brands Logo Maker is an easy-to-use AI tool that enables you to create a logo in minutes. You just type in your company name and your line of business along with a short description of what your venture does. You’re also invited to choose a logo style and some favorite fonts. Almost immediately, the AI tool presents you with sample logos. Simply choose the one you want and make modifications if you wish, although some users say that the editor isn’t as powerful or intuitive as they would like.

Logos can be downloaded in multiple formats suitable for websites, social media posts, email and physical media such as business cards, brochures and even t-shirts and coffee mugs. You can use Logo Maker from any device, including your smartphone.


Unlike the two products we’ve just looked at, Brandmark.io does nothing but logos. When you consider how important your logo is, you can see the potential of a specialized tool such as Brandmark.io.

Brandmark differentiates itself by providing free customization and online chat support throughout the process. It adds up to a more personalized customer service experience.

The logo-making process starts when you enter a brand name and a slogan. Brandmark then asks you for some keywords, and it will suggest some based on what you’ve told it so far. Next you pick your color or colors, and Brandmark will produce sample logos. You can select some of these logos and save, edit or purchase them. You can request variations, and you also may ask a real live human being to make any tweaks that you can’t do on your own.

Because Brandmark is a logo maker only, they don’t offer a comprehensive branding kit. If you want that, you’ll have to choose a product that offers a suite of design tools.


Khroma is a more specialized AI tool. It only does colors. However, no one should underestimate the importance of a branded color scheme. Designers work more effectively in colors that resonate with them, and customers form an association between the colors and the company they represent. A distinct color combination will bring your business to mind every time the public sees them. An appealing color combo will make people want to visit and revisit your website.

Khroma starts by asking you to pick 50 colors from a menu. 50 is a big number, but it opens the door to all colors except ones you truly dislike. You can also select colors by uploading images. Based on your choices, the Khroma AI presents you with color pairs, mostly consisting of a font on a background. You can edit or save the selections Khroma gives you, or you can ask for more suggestions.

Khroma offers such a wealth of color choices that the hardest part may be whittling down the possibilities. You not only get the Khroma suggestions, but you can modify parameters such as hue, tint and rgb to make your options virtually limitless.


Wix is a complete website design tool. It’s a giant in the web design marketplace with around 200 million users. If you want one AI tool that will do everything, this one is worth your attention. It will manage your website design, build, rollout and ongoing maintenance.

You can lean on Wix’s AI as much or as little as you want. It allows you to build a site from scratch or to employ one of over 500 available website templates. The build tools will do it all; they’re drag-and-drop and they’re easy to use. There’s an entire marketplace of third-party add-ons to extend your website’s functionality. And there is, as you would expect, a logo maker.

There’s plenty of support from the vendor itself as well as from the user community. Whatever question you have, someone’s dealt with it before.

The biggest complaint about Wix is how proprietary it is. Once you commit to Wix, it’s difficult to go another route. You can’t export your Wix site and use what you’ve built on another platform. You’ll have to stick with Wix or start all over.

Bonus tip:

If you love working with AI-powered tools to make life easier and get new leads faster, it is worth exploring ContactOut. It even has a Chrome extension that functions on top of Linkedin to expedite the discovery of phone numbers and emails.

Don’t Go It Alone; Let AI Help You

Even if professional graphic designers aren’t within your business budget, you can still create effective visual design elements, everything from a logo to an entire website. These five AI tools are worthy of your attention, and there are many more among today’s expanding AI design capabilities. It’s time to pick one up and see what a boost from AI can do for you and your business.

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