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Institute urges Nigerian govt to employ ‘design thinking’ for national development — Daily Nigerian

The Chartered Institute of Information and Strategy Management, CIISM, has called on Nigerians to adopt “design thinking” to bring about positive performance and development of the nation.

The institute says that “design thinking” is an approach used for practical and creative problem-solving.

Dr Mustapha Adeolu, the National Coordinator, CIISM, said this at the institute’s membership induction, confernment of distinguished fellows and award ceremony in Abuja.

He said “it is important to adopt design thinking as it would provide an opportunity to observe where problems exists from users standpoint and draw up solutions using feedback approach.

“Information and strategy managers play a vital role in the dissemination of information, design thinking, bringing different ideas using technology to solve our problem as a country, organisation or a community.

“Information is key, information is power, so when we use strategic management as a tool for information it goes a long way to solving immediate problems that will bring about peace and harmony.

“So, using design thinking has to do with looking at the pain point of people and doing things to meet their needs using technology.

“For instance, Point of Sale (POS) or ATM has reduced the issue of queueing up in the bank, that is what design thinking is all about, we need to look for better ways of doing things.

“Design thinking should be what Nigerians should look at as a country, we can use it to solve our security, food and other problems, as human efforts can be slow, tiring and expensive”.

Dr Adelanke Oyintoke, Membership Director of the institute, tasked the inductees to be alert to global trends and uphold high ethical and professional standards in their endeavours.

He urged the inductees to participate in the activities of the institute and key into the compulsory continuous professional development program to enhance their lifelong learning.

In his speech, Dr Peter Mrakpor, the President of the institute, urged the inductees to provide value added services in their respective organisations.

The event featured induction of no fewer than 35 new members of the Institute.

Award and professional doctorate degrees were also bestowed on 25 members of the institute and other distinguished personalities, among which included former Police Public Relations Officer/Commissioner of Police Frank Mba.


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