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Game Boy Camera Gets Real Lens Update Thanks To 3D Printable Shells

You still won’t be able to take pictures larger than 128×128, but at least you can zoom.

Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it: the Game Boy Camera sucked. It was only capable of taking 128×128-pixel pictures in grayscale that could then be used to play several minigames or print off using an equally crappy printer. You couldn’t even move your pictures over to a computer for editing, although eventually third-party devices were invented to help out with that. All in all, the Game Boy Camera was a poor imitation of a cell phone camera that would eventually become so powerful and ubiquitous that dedicated cameras are dying out.

But there is a hardcore segment of Game Boy enthusiasts that insist on using the Game Boy Camera, and for them, there is now a 3D printable Game Boy Camera upgrade that lets you use a real lens and not the smudgy pop-bottle that it originally came with.


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The Game Boy Camera+ from 2BitToys (via Gizmodo) offers the ability to use real-life camera lenses on what is essentially a primitive webcam. It uses most of the original parts of the Game Boy Camera, including its main board, screws, and 128×128 sensor, so you won’t be taking National Geographic-worthy photos. What this really does is offer the ability to zoom and get better framing and lighting for your low-pixel photos. There’s also an optional filter attachment as well as an adapter to allow CS-lenses, which are the kind you get with movie and closed-circuit cameras.

Game Boy Camera+
via 2BitToy

The Camera+ files are available from 2BitToys’ site for $12 plus an additional $5 for the C-CS Lens Adapter. You’ll get plans for a plastic shell and the bits that allow you to mount a real lens and filter. If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can also just order the parts separately from ShapeWays for a little extra.

Hot enough Game Boy modding for you? We’ve also got a Game Boy Pocket mod that’s hinged so it could fold in half. This actually makes it pocket-sized! The plans are available on GitHub, but be warned–this is a lot more technical that putting a camera lens on the Game Boy Camera.

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