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HipDot takes eyeshadow to the next level by going 3D

Have you ever heard of 3D eyeshadow? Thanks to HipDot, we can not only get the best eyeshadow colors, but we can get them in figural shapes.

There are four collections from HipDot featuring iconic characters that so many of us know and love. And right now, the collection we are obsessed with is their Sesame Street line that features four characters we know and love.

There is a stunning yellow eyeshadow in the shape of Big Bird. Then we have a gorgeous green eyeshadow in the shape of Oscar the Grouch (this green is next level and we love the shape and the color here). The third eyeshadow is Elmo’s stunning red. And finally, you can’t have a Sesame Street collection without our blue boy, the Cookie Monster!

HipDot takes eyeshadow in a whole new direction with 3D figures of our favorite characters


Sesame Street x HipDot Eyecons – the industry’s first-ever 3D eyeshadows. Image courtesy of HipDot

Each of the eyeshadow figures comes in a little egg pod and a box that reminds us of Funk POPs, which means if you can’t bring yourself to actually use your new Oscar the Grouch eyeshadow, you can always display it instead.

The HipDot x Sesame Street collection can be purchased individually at $12 per eyeshadow or as a set of four for $38. But if you want to shake things up, there are other collections to choose from as well. Other 3D eyeshadows being offered include a Spongebob trio, a collection of Care Bears (we need these in our lives and they would make the perfect gift), and a Hello Kitty collection.


Sesame Street x HipDot Eyecons – the industry’s first-ever 3D eyeshadows. Image courtesy of HipDot

After getting the Sesame Street collection to try for ourselves, I have to say the colors are amazing and perfectly pigmented for excellent wear and coverage, which is what we want when it comes to eyeshadow. The biggest issue I have is that they are too cute and I just want to display them instead of using them. At this point, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster may never be used, but at least we know they make a statement when people see them (yes, we broke into Elmo and Big Bird as our eyeshadows to try).

What do you think fellow beauty lovers? Are you as obsessed with these 3D eyeshadows as we are? Would you use them or display them? We want to know what you think of these HipDot beauties.

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