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3D Animation Competition begins today, Friday 9 December 2022 | by Anabela Rea | Seekers.xyz | Dec, 2022

Show us what you’ve got…

We’re looking for amazingly animated, 3D expressions of how our Seekers get around and you might be just the individual to deliver…

Long have the Seekers traversed digital terrains, expanding the reach of the open metaverse community known as The Found…

It is known that far and wide these plucky bots have flown; communicating, exploring, mapping, mining, and connecting different worlds to each other…

But what have these purposeful journeys looked like?

What adventures have the Seekers been on as they have roamed these many realms?

What do they look like when they are communicating, exploring and connecting?

Time to dust off those 3D animating skills…. Because we want you to show us!!!

For their much appreciated efforts, our winner and runners up will take home hearty prizes to match the heart power of the open metaverse’s favourite robot squad…


  • 5K USDT
  • A Futureverse asset pack containing 1X Fluf, 1X Altered State Machine Genesis Brain, 1X Partybear, 1X Seeker, and 1X ATEM membership.
  • A Seekers Merch kit
  • 1M SYLO


  • 3K USDT.
  • A Seeker Node Starter Kit, containing 1X Seeker
  • A Seekers Merch kit
  • 750K SYLO


  • 1K USDT
  • A Seeker Node Starter Kit, containing 1X Seeker
  • A Seekers Merch kit
  • 500K SYLO

But first, the nitty-gritty. Make sure to follow these rules…

  • Only entries from independent, individual creatives will be accepted — no submissions from agencies are allowed.
  • You may enter the competition as many times as you like.
  • You must only use Seeker/s that you own.
  • The competition begins at 12:00 (NZT) on Friday 9December 2022, and ends at 12:00 (NZT) on Thursday 9 February 2023. You have two months to enter.
  • We, The Seekers, Sylo and Futureverse hold the indefinite rights to use any of the submitted animations as promotional materials, in perpetuity.
  • No IP of other assets, brands, people, or organisations may be violated in your submission. Please choose carefully.
  • Entrants must create an animated video using their Seeker/s’ blender files or their own creative interpretation.
  • All submissions must be made in The Seekers Discord #3D-animation-comp channel before the cut-off date.

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