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Building the best bike for: Breaking records

The old saying goes, “records are made to be broken.” For five years, I’d talked of attempting a series of place-to-place records without ever putting my tyres on the start line and giving it a go.

It took a broken leg in December 2021 to finally kick my rear end into gear. The leg would recover and I would finally give these place-to-place records a shot. Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me, having an adequately optimised time trial bike was the biggest obstacle to any previous attempts.

2022 became as much about building the best bike for these attempts as it did about recovering from injury or breaking records. Here is the next instalment in our ‘building the best bike for’ series, in which I put together what I think is the perfect setup for a given challenge or event.

Long story short, I took aim at three records, broke one, missed another, and didn’t even make the start line of the third.

This best build is slightly different. The other builds in this series were more event or demand-specific. A time trial bike built for tackling endurance records requires much more adaptability to meet the demands of different courses and durations. Furthermore, the only thing faster than TT tech is often how quickly said tech is superseded by the next time-defying aero upgrade. Rather than my version of the best bike for time trialling, consider this just one configuration in an ever-changing setup.

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