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What should businesses be looking for in web design? | Braidwood Times

If you are hoping to refresh your digital presence and design a new website that captures who you are and what you do, then here is a list of everything you should be looking for in your new website. Picture supplied

Web design is a booming business and a craft that can convert customers into raving fans. Web design can be quite complex if businesses do not have experience in this field.

If you are hoping to refresh your digital presence and design a new website that captures who you are and what you do, then here is a list of everything you should be looking for in your new website. Let’s get into it!

Work with a reputable web design agency

Working with a web design agency in Melbourne is going to set you up for success, with qualified professionals casting their eyes on your business and bringing it to life digitally.

A web design agency will typically have a number of professionals under the same roof that can add value to your website from a design, technical and content perspective.

They will also have a wealth of experience in building websites similar to your own, so they can bring concepts to your website that you hadn’t thought of. Working with a web design agency is always going to be an easier experience and higher quality result when compared to working with a freelance or offshore web developer.


Designing websites to be accessible is the new norm and standard within the digital landscape. People with disabilities need to be considered when designing for the web, and this means visually as well as technologically.

You may have users who are visually impaired or users that will be reading your website content through a reader. By adopting an inclusive web design from the start, you can share your products and services with a wider audience net. There are many resources available that will allow you to understand the needs of an accessible audience.

Excellent UX

UX is the name of the game when it comes to website design, as this is going to mark the success that you have with your target audience. UX design professionals take time to research how the user interacts with the digital products and website, and they diligently conduct user testing and talk to many customers about their habits and actions related to the business.

This is a step that cannot be rushed and will set you up for success. Sometimes a UX team has a UX researcher and a UX practitioner and they work together to design a seamless customer journey.

Design-centred website

We all judge a website by its cover, so a design-centred look and feel is a must. Integrate your brand design colours and style through your website so that your customers will easily recognise you and your brand when they enter the website.

Web developers are across modern design trends and can work to implement a great mix of impactful design and smaller, more subtle design elements. The 2010s have seen a huge number of design trends come and go, from the minimalist look to the heavy design clutter. A successful design is somewhere in between.

Fit for purpose

Design and user experience aside, your web design must be fit for purpose. At every stage of your web design ideation, you must check in with your website purpose to ensure you serve that intention.

When a website brief has a hard deadline, sometimes the website’s intention can be lost in the chaos of achieving a finished website, only for your customer to not find your website useful.

When you work with the agency or team that is taking on your website design, keep them accountable to your initial needs analysis so that everyone is on the same page and delivering to the scope.

Approaching a new web design project will also come with so many considerations and iterations. Take your time in mapping out your web design project and stay committed to your needs analysis, and champion UX and quality design throughout every stage.

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