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Building of 3D school in Lviv to be printed in spring

Building of 3D school in Lviv to be printed in spring

The building of the 3D school in Lviv will begin to be printed in the spring, Jean-Christophe Bonis, founder and head of the Team4UA Humanitarian Foundation, well-known tech entrepreneur Jean-Christophe Bonis said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

As reported, in the spring of 2022, the Team4UA Foundation launched a project to 3D print an educational building for first-graders at School No. 23 in Lviv. The technology of the Danish company COBOD, number 1 in concrete 3D printing, was chosen.

Bonis said that at the moment $150,000 has already been invested in the school project (the work of architects, materials, etc.). The final figure will be $700,000.

It is also planned to purchase a 3D printer (it costs about $1-1.5 million).

“We launched the project and built the foundation of the future school. We planned to print the school in October. The printer was supposed to arrive when the Russians began to massively shell the cities of Ukraine. The printer should be operated by foreign specialists, so we decided to postpone the start of printing until spring for security reasons,” Bonis said.

Two more factors caused the postponement of the start of printing – the instability of the power supply and weather conditions (it makes no sense to work with concrete at low temperatures). Therefore, it is planned to begin work on printing the school building late February or early March. In general, the printing process will take up to one month.

According to the project, it is planned to build a one-story building with classrooms, a teacher’s room, bathrooms and a hall.

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