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Talented Gamer 3D Prints Pokemon Gameboy Cartridges To House Nintendo Switch Games

A talented artist and gamer makes clever storage for Nintendo Switch games by recreating the classic Pokemon Gameboy cartridges using a 3D printer.

One innovative Nintendo Switch gamer has created a unique way to store Switch ards. Games have been abundant since the Nintendo Switch hit store shelves in 2017. With so many games to choose from, gamers might find themselves lacking in ways to store all those cases if they don’t opt to go digital and prefer physical releases. Unfortunately, not all games are available on the Nintendo Eshop, so fans have to get creative when storing them or opt to purchase specially designed cases just for the Switch carts. Unlike previous consoles from Nintendo, these gaming cartridges are far less bulky. There are currently almost 4500 different titles on the Nintendo Switch alone, with more on the way.


Besides running out of space to store games some players may play more often than others, gamers have also had to deal with the dreaded Joycon drifting issues. Nintendo was overwhelmed earlier this year with requests to fix Joycons. The famous video game company has also faced several lawsuits related to Nintendo Switch drift problems. Children may have to testify in court after a class-action lawsuit was shot down. Luckily, Nintendo hasn’t faced any issues from gamers regarding how games are stored. Instead, talented artists and fans came up with their own unique storage solutions.

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One talented designer and Reddit user, CyclingOctopusses, created a 3D print of the Pokemon Red and Blue Version Gameboy cartridges that can be used to store Nintendo Switch games. The creations look so authentic that they could easily pass as genuine game cartridges for the two Pokemon games that made the franchise famous. Recently, another gamer shared their decades-old save file of Pokemon Red. The designer of the Gameboy-inspired storage solution also shared the link for the print files so that other fans could make it themselves. According to their Printables page, this design can store about 4 Switch games.

The inspiration behind why CyclingOctopusses picked a Gameboy Cartridge was that they realized that multiple Switch carts were small enough to fit inside one single cartridge. This current design is the sixth and final attempt at making a creative storage solution for other Nintendo Switch fans who want to show off their love for Pokemon. For other gamers looking to 3D print their copy, it will take around 1.5 hours to print and doesn’t require much assembly beyond placing a sticker. In fact, this isn’t the first time a fan has made a creative storage case. A Zelda fan created a Master Sword-themed inspired cartridge holder.

Even though this talented gamer’s design resembles the original Pokemon Gameboy cartridges, they admit the color choice for the Pokemon Blue Version storage case is off. This specific design is also a remix of something similar created by Thingverse user AngryPencil.CylcingOctopusses’ latest creation won’t be the last time we see Nintendo Switch gamers getting creative with gaming carts or peripherals. Another innovative fan combined Joycons and a Galaxy Fliphone creating a Nintendo DS. Nintendo’s fan base clearly houses an abundance of talent and creativity.

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