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AVATR, Your Emotional Intelligent Companion

Bringing people together, connecting ideas and cultures: AVATR Technology focuses on emotional intelligence and stands for casual luxury with forward-looking design and warm technology. The brand looks at the big picture and by understanding users’ lifestyle desires enables them to pursue what they love.

BEIJING, Oct. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AVATR Technology has launched its first product, AVATR 11, and revealed a co-branded limited-edition model, AVATR 011. Configurations and customer benefits of the whole series were announced. Meanwhile, the first batch of Experience Centers and Experience Spaces in 10 cities are ready to welcome all customers.

AVATR Global Design Center Munich – “The Magic Factory”

AVATR’s futuristic ideas come from the AVATR Global Design Center in Germany. Located in Munich, the Design Center is in the cradle of automotive design and production.

The center is led by Chief Design Officer Nader Faghihzadeh, a renowned automotive designer with more than 20 years of experience and responsible for many successful BMW models. With roughly 50 employees the center is a talent pool where experts and designers from top automakers, various disciplines, and all parts of the world, work together to redefine concepts and find innovative high-end solutions. The studio is steadily growing, with the intention of doubling the number of employees in 2023.

Nader Faghihzadeh believes that people from different backgrounds, working together in a multidisciplinary atmosphere, inspire each other to create a design composition that, in the long run, radiates its richness from the inside out.

“Our Design Center is a vivid platform, where people from all over the world will find a stage to unleash their talents! It is a place where ideas and innovative minds meet. A bold and lively discourse of different views and multidimensional design thinking are always welcome here. Authenticity and originality based on our unique design philosophy generate remarkable designs. The AVATR Design Center feels like a creative family with the vision to find solutions towards future high-end with a humanized spirit”.

Design Philosophy – Sense of the Future

As the first model, the AVATR 11 is a stellar all-around package defined by a holistic user experience, balancing contrasts to create excitement and richness in multiple layers. The vehicle is future-oriented embodying humanized aesthetics and cyber elegance.

The exterior and interior design follow the design philosophy of bold confidence, new intelligence, and vibrant individuality, empowering users for emotive interactions.

The futuristic exterior design combines the powerful statement of simplicity of an ultimate emotionally intelligent device. The high-end interior design resonates warm aesthetics and “ShyTech”. Technology is well integrated and empowers users to focus on quality time while contrasting aspects always remain in a harmonious balance. 

The synergy of high-end design and high fashion led to an exclusive collaboration with Matthew M. Williams (in short MMW), co-founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM and Creative Director of Givenchy, to jointly express creativity in the special edition: AVATR 011.

This is where bespoke automotive design meets fashion design with an All Black design concept. Black is the universe’s most original color and, just like Audrey Hepburn in a Black Dress, has always been the best representation of elegance and nobility. The black shade used on AVATR 011 is composed of black with different textures. AVATR 011 is all about being boldly confident with chic expression.

It is the first model of AVATR’s “0” series with the interpretation of pushing the boundaries with courage, unceasing passion, and an unrestrained attitude toward life. At AVATR we start from zero to create products that are self-pleasing and unlimited in progression.

AVATR 11 and AVATR 011 – Make a statement of a humanized future

Creating a highly complex vehicle is like performing a symphony in an orchestra: Artists come together to perform a composition which creates emotions in us. With the unrivalled CHN platform, profound global human power, and state-of-the-art design philosophy, the AVATR 11 and the AVATR 011 have successfully made their debuts to customers in China.

The exterior body of AVATR 11 was designed as a levitated sportscar, a spaceship, even a yacht-like object of desire. Supreme proportions are visually appealing and close to the golden ratio.

With its ShyTech approach, the model perfectly integrates 34 intelligent driving sensors into the exterior. Through a disruptive rear deck design with its slim vertical window the powerful and unique rear end design is a bold statement inspired by exclusive yachts. It incorporates an adaptive spoiler and gives the vehicle a futuristic and high-tech feel.

AVATR 11 and 011 are equipped with highly recognizable F-shaped LED front lights, which create an assertive cyber facial expression. “Less is more” is manifested in the elegant bodyside. In addition, the wheels of the AVATR 011 have also been equipped with a black multi-spoke lightweight grooved rim design, while the white brake calipers feature the abbreviated word mark of the fashion designer “MMW”.

AVATR takes emotional intelligence as the development guideline, interpreted as “your emotional intelligent companion“. AVATR is committed to creating emotional intelligent travel. Whether in terms of design or interaction, AVATR will showcase more expressions of pioneering fashion attitudes to create a bridge between future automotive design trends and the lifestyle needs of a new generation of users.

About AVATR Technology

AVATR Technology, a rising intelligent mobility company, continues to expand its global footprint and talent pool after four years of steady development since its inception in 2018. Backed by three industry giants, Changan Automobile, HUAWEI, and CATL with their respective strengths in vehicle R&D, intelligent manufacturing, autonomous driving, and intelligent power solutions, AVATR Technology has developed its unique CHN platform which features a new architecture, strong computing power, and high voltage charging capability. AVATR commits itself to creating a warm and intelligent user experience to become “your emotional intelligent companion”.

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