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To Be Hero X’s New Trailer Shows an Eye-Popping Mashup of 2D/3D Animation

Produced by three studios, a new donghua called To Be Hero X will combine 2D and 3D animation, creating a captivating trailer about a mysterious hero.

A new donghua made an impressive splash with a trailer that collides two different animation styles in a dynamic and exciting manner.

In the Made by Bilibili 2022-2023 panel, the Chinese streaming platform unveiled a six-minute colorful trailer for a new superhero donghua called To Be Hero X. Produced by Paper Plane, Studio LAN, PB Animation, To Be Hero X uses a combination of 2D and 3D animation. Donghua, Chinese animation, have used 3D animation frequently in their works, but this may be the first donghua series that uses both styles. Catsuka’s Twitter revealed the official poster and a sneak peek of the storyboard. The trailer received praise from viewers for its seamless transitions between the two different animation formats.

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The trailer begins with a rather jaunty and suave tune accompanying a man who stops to buy a drink from a vending machine. He drops his coin and just manages to save it before it disappears into the sewers. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices a broad-shouldered man with a gas mask strapped to his face toss a dog, wearing a tie, to the ground. Just before the man hits the dog with a stick, the protagonist snaps his fingers and turns the gas mask man into a 2D picture. With a snap, the protagonist transports him and the gas mask clones into a 2D cartoon-y/comics universe, even changing his appearance in the process. He smoothly swerves to avoid their punches without breaking a sweat. After he defeats the gas mask men, he finally gets to crack open his can of pop.

What Is To Be Hero X About?

The synopsis of To Be Hero X revolves around a world where ordinary people can turn into heroes if there are enough people who trust them. The one who people trust the most become known as X. Nobody knows who X really is, but the current X has been sitting on the throne for two years. The other heroes hope to dethrone X in an epic tournament.

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Studio LAN produced several notable donghua. The studio animated To Be Hero in 2016 and the sequel To Be Heroine in 2018, both helmed by director Li Haoling. To Be Hero follows a divorced father who turns into a hero after getting sucked into the toilet. To Be Heroine follows a similar synopsis except it stars a female protagonist. In 2021, it released the first season of the time-traveling mystery series Link Click, also directed by Li Haoling, which was Funimations’ second donghua to stream. The studio announced that a second season was on its way and will release in 2023.

The trailer for To Be Hero X is available to watch on Catsuka’s YouTube channel. Studio LAN has not yet announced a release date.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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