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I turned my crazy side hustle into a real business making $500k a year – the idea is so simple everyone can do it

AN entrepreneur has revealed he earned around $500,000 a year from his side hustle of wearing t-shirts.

Jason Sadler was the founder of the company IWearYourShirt and decided to launch the venture during the 2008 recession.

Jason Sadler was the founder of the company IWearYourShirt


Jason Sadler was the founder of the company IWearYourShirtCredit: YouTube

He told the site Wandering Aimfully that he wanted to get paid for wearing t-shirts for a living.

Sadler worked with thousands of companies, including giants such as Starbucks and Pizza Hut where he promoted their business.

The businessman, a former graphic designer for the ATP tour, came across the idea while working with his business partner on their web design company.

He told Forbes: “A new idea popped into my head. An idea that eventually would consume my thoughts day in and day out.

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“I wanted to get paid to wear T-shirts. I had tasted the creative freedom of working for myself but this was an idea that was mine alone.”

Sadler had to spread the word in a bid to get sponsors and admitted that the process was challenging at first.

He told Insider that he spent $100 on a video camera and started making videos.

Sadler launched his marketing business but realized a year later that he couldn’t continue juggling both careers.

He said that he had to make a “life-changing” decision.

Sadler added: “I wondered, do I stick to working on both ventures, where neither of them get 100 per cent of my effort, or do I focus on what I’m passionate about and what I can pursue wholeheartedly?”

Sadler ran his business between 2008-13 and earned around $500,000 a year.

He had four workers who earned between $25,000-$35,000 a year and bonuses.

Sadler’s staffers also received a Mac laptop and video recording equipment.


Meanwhile, influencer Bryan Tate said he can earn thousands thanks to his “bird dog” side hustle.

A bird dog is someone who tries to locate properties for real estate investors.

Bryan revealed that you only need a notebook, pen, and cell phone.

He called on people to be on the lookout for homes and properties that seem in distress.

This means looking for homes with chipped paint, high grass, or any other parts of the property that may need repair.

Pastor Joel Young, who was struggling under a mountain of debt, has raked in more than $1million thanks to his voiceover side hustle.

Then aged 29, Joel and his wife Jenna were struggling to make ends meet on his salary.

And with two young children, they faced being unable to pay off the $50,000 they owed on credit cards, loans, and medical bills.

The brainwave came after Joel hired a voiceover actor for a church project, who charged $10 through the Fiverr freelance marketplace.

It prompted him to think he could give it a go himself, recording voiceovers at home in his spare time, CNBC reported.

Joel typically creates over 50 videos a month and claims to have earned $1.5million in the five years that he’s used Fiverr.

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The Sun previously revealed how to pick your perfect side hustle to bring you extra cash.

And one thrifty entrepreneur reportedly made $15,000 a month by reselling cheap products on Amazon for huge profits.

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