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AR Rides Without 3D Glasses At Disney Theme Parks Could Soon Be A Reality

Disney has filed a patent for a new kind of augmented reality ride that would not require theme park guests to wear 3D glasses to view the effects.

Disney is reportedly developing augmented reality technology for theme park rides that would not require park guests to wear AR glasses. Disney has been getting involved in the metaverse and funding various developments with the Accelerator program. There are several types of innovative technology that the company is pursuing, including multiple projects involving augmented reality.

Disney has established itself as a competitor in bringing augmented reality experiences to consumers. Disney+ was one of the first streaming services to bring content with AR integration to their platform. For example, the Disney+ short film Remembering has an AR app that tracks the viewer’s TV to bring an immersive 3D environment into users’ living rooms.


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According to Theme Park Insider, The Walt Disney Company may be looking into new ways to bring augmented reality into its amusement parks. The company published a patent in Sept. 2022 for AR technology that uses computer vision to track users’ eyes and project a virtual scene that appears 3D from their perspective. This new technology could be utilized in Disney theme park rides, offering an immersive virtual experience for guests.

The Future Of Disney Theme Parks AR Rides

Many of Disney’s theme park rides incorporate technology to enhance rides and create unique visual effects. While some effects are very impressive and make rides more immersive, others are less successful and can be disappointing or distracting when the technology does not achieve the desired result. The AR technology Disney hopes to bring to their rides could provide realistic virtual experiences in physical environments for guests as long as the technology is reliable.

With several consumer-level AR glasses in development from major companies, it will be interesting to see how augmented reality will be integrated into experiences such as amusement park rides. Early versions of AR smart contacts may not be the only alternative for users who want to experience AR visuals without the need to wear AR glasses or use a handheld mobile device. If Disney can realize this new approach to creating augmented reality visuals, there may be opportunities to apply similar technology to create 3D virtual effects in other environments. Disney theme park rides could provide insight into the direction immersive experiences like these are headed.

Source: Theme Park Insider

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