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Thoughtful Notion Tips: Guide to Using the ‘Show as Page Section’ Feature | by Frances Odera Matthews | Sep, 2022

In Notion, you have the luxury of connecting databases together and letting information ‘speak to each other’ through a system of relations & rollups. Once you’ve connected some databases together, you can choose to show them as a ‘page section’ like in the screenshot below.

Source: Notion | Showing Relation Properties as a Page Section

A few things happen when you create a page section in Notion:

  • It creates a divider on the page separating it from the rest of your properties
  • You can choose to show which properties you want to see
  • You can edit properties in-line (i.e. without leaving the page)

As a Certified Notion Consultant, I personally take a heavy design-thinking approach to all of my client projects & builds. It’s easy to get carried away with all the features in Notion and build systems that end up becoming clunky and overwhelming

Video example
  • There will only be a few entries — eventually the view will max out and you will get the prompt to ‘view more’ which kind of ruins the point. In the example above, it’s unlikely that many brands will be related to a contact and vice versa. I avoided choosing relation properties like ‘meetings’ as a page section as there’s likely to be eventually be a lot of these
  • It’s useful to edit the data in-line — this can be handy if you want to change things like status or data quickly, like in the example above. You’ll notice I chose to purposefully leave out showing properties like ‘projects’ as this would need deeper context.
  • It’s not relevant to sort the information on factors like date, status etc — this goes back to the second point of there ideally only being a few entries. ‘Page Sections’ should be more content/FYI based rather than used for things like projects, tasks or meetings where it’s useful to organise the information and/or create different views by status/type/date

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