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Top 4 Personal Branding Agencies & Services That Can Lift Up Your Profession | by Karen George | Sep, 2022

Personal branding services

Personal branding is a fundamental service that can help people to maximize their professional image, grow their careers, and accomplish business objectives.

A personal brand is not always complicated and business oriented. It can be as simple as a well-chosen wardrobe, a keen sense of design, natural talent in a specific field, or deliberate attention to detail. True value comes from the insight and deep understanding of oneself that allows one to create an authentic and powerful personal brand that aligns with the individual’s professional goals and aspirations.

People are not always sure what to look for in the best personal branding service. So, here I have compiled a list of the 4 most popular brand-building services and agencies explaining what they all offer and how they’ll boost your career.

I have used the following quality standards to compile the list:

  • Founders & mission
  • Services offered
  • Client testimonials
  • Social profile

The best personal branding platforms based on the above factors are:

These personal branding firms have helped many individuals to succeed in their personal and professional life.

Build your own brand

Build Your Own Brand or BYOB is a personal brand-building firm whose services are available globally to build ‘you’ as a brand.

They aim to help all job seekers from budding Entrepreneurs to experienced CXOs to achieve what they truly deserve and kick-start their journey of building their own brand!

Founders & mission

Rohan Kapur and Anurag Jha are the Co-Founders of BYOB.

They created this platform to help others design their candidature and help people build their brand!

Services offered

  • Job Seeking (Resume Content, LinkedIn Content, Interview Content, Video resume script)
  • Personal Branding (LinkedIn Content, Ghostwriting Articles)
  • Ultimate Branding Solution (An all-inclusive package to incorporate your job-seeking and personal branding needs)

Find their customer reviews here: BYOB client testimonials

Social Profiles:

They are socially active on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Brandall Agency

Brandall Agency is a brand designing and digital marketing agency who have the experience and coaching skills required to help you build a powerful and unique personal brand that truly represents you.

Founders & mission

David Farthing is the founder of Brandall Agency.

He set up this digital marketing company specializing in branding and website production and Elements Health & Wellbeing, to help people achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Services offered

  • Brand Design
  • Personal Branding
  • Presentation Slides
  • Graphic and Website Design
  • Digital Marketing

Find their customer reviews here: Brandall Agency client testimonials

Hinge Marketing

Hinge Marketing is a leading research-based branding and marketing firm for professional services.

They take your firm to the next level of growth in this challenge-filled environment that takes focus, expert guidance, and a lot of support.

Founders & mission

Lee Frederiksen is the Managing Partner at Hinge Marketing.

To take your firm to the next level of growth in this challenge-filled environment takes focus, expert guidance, and a lot of support.

Services offered

  • Research
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Writing & Editorial
  • Branding Service
  • Video Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital PR

Social Profiles:

They are socially active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


Personal Brand Agency or PBA is a full-service personal branding that helps you make a stunning impression — the first time and every time.

Founders & mission

Aenslee Tanner is the Founder of PBA.

Observantly uncover and expertly showcase the distinctive value our clients have to offer.

Services offered

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Brand blueprint and style guide
  • Copywriting
  • Photoshoot
  • Website design and development

Find their customer reviews here: PBA Client Testimonials

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