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2022’s Cheap Psychics for Affordable Phone, Chat and Video Readings (FREE Mins)

Disclaimer: This is sponsored content. All opinions and views are of the advertiser and does not reflect the same of KTNV.

Sick of expensive psychics?

Consider cheap psychics. They can give you accurate advice, spiritual guidance, and timeless wisdom at a price you can afford, and thanks to online readings, you don’t even need to leave the house.

However, because cheap doesn’t always equate to quality, we’ve done the groundwork for you. 

We’ve researched and vetted a range of online psychic reading services to come up with a list of the best cheap psychics that are accurate, safe to use, and 100% legit.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing each psychic service in-depth. We’ll be going over their prices, deals, and discounts, as well as their key features, reading types – and ultimately, what might make them appealing to you.

From tarot readings to astrology readings and psychic mediums, there’s something here for everyone. 

Let’s jump right in.

Cheap Psychic Readings By Phone, Live Chat & Video Calls

First Look

  1. Kasamba: All-round best cheap psychic readings (70% OFF)
  2. Psychic Source: Unmatched cheap psychics via VIDEO
  3. Keen: Go-to psychic platform for ANY reading (1000+ psychics)
  4. AskNow: Accurate cheap phone psychics
  5. Oranum: VIDEO readings by multilingual psychics
  6. MysticSense: Best new cheap psychic reading website 

1. Kasamba – All-round Best Cheap Psychic Readings 

Brand Spotlight_Paradise Media_Cheap Psychics-Kasamba



  • First 3 minutes free
  • Over 600 highly-screened psychics
  • Prices start from $1.99 per minute
  • 20+ years experience 
  • 70% off the first reading


Kasamba is our top pick for cheap psychic service. 

It’s got over 20 years of experience, its psychics have worked their magic on more than 3 million satisfied customers, and you can connect with their 600+ psychics via live chat or phone.

Kasamba’s Network of the Best Psychics

There are multiple reading types available at Kasamba, all of which are available at affordable prices if you manage to connect with the right psychic reader.

Love and relationships is the most popular category, with Kasamba being home to more than 200 psychics specializing in break-ups, divorces, first dates, and all other matters of the heart.

You can also get career advice here, chat with an astrology reader, have your tarot cards read – and your dreams analyzed.

All psychic advisors must pay a $50 registration fee, which lends the site a lot of credibility.

Cheap Psychics, Deals, and Discounts

To access the cheapest psychic readers at Kasamba, all you need to do is apply the “less than $4” search filter.

This will bring up a range of budget-friendly psychic readers. The average starting price is $3.99 per minute, but some five-star readers charge as little as $1.99 per minute.

As a new member, your first 3 minutes are free, an excellent way of allowing you to get to know whether or not a psychic reader is right for you without paying a dime.

Kasamba is also offering new customers 70% off their first session.


The search filter may not be the most advanced we’ve seen, but it’s extremely useful in helping you find what you’re looking for.

We also like how Kasamba divides each category into numerous subcategories, which allows you to find a psychic reader experienced with your particular challenge/question.

And while the site doesn’t offer video sessions, you can connect with an expert psychic via phone call or live chat.

There are also daily horoscopes available for free on the website.

>> Get 70% OFF your first reading on the official [Kasamba] website >>

2. Psychic Source – Best Cheap Psychics for “In-person” VIDEO Readings

Brand Spotlight_Paradise Media_Cheap Psychics-Psychic Source



  • Over 30 years of experience
  • First 3 minutes free
  • Prices start from just $1 per minute
  • Video readings available 
  • Informative podcasts to listen to


  • Not the largest selection of psychics

You’ve got many options if you’re looking for highly reputable psychic websites that offer cheap readings.

However, Psychic Source is the most established, having been around since 1989 – before any other psychic website.

It was also the first psychic company to offer video readings and continues to provide expert advice at affordable rates.

Psychic Source’s Network of the Online Psychic Readers

While Psychic Source doesn’t have the largest selection of psychics, they have plenty of categories to choose from.

You can contact love psychics, career psychics, tarot readers, clairvoyants, pet psychics, energy healers, astrologers – and more.

Only some of their online psychics are available for video readings, but you can contact all of them via live chat or phone call.

Cheap Online Psychics, Deals, and Discounts

During our search, we found 180+ online psychics available at $1 a minute at Psychic Source. 

This is the lowest price on our list and the lowest price we’ve found at any other psychic reading platform.

However, it’s worth mentioning that video readings are more expensive (chat and phone are the cheapest contact methods).

New customers can connect with any psychic for free for the first 3 minutes, while full refunds are available for anyone who isn’t satisfied with a reading.


The Find a Psychic tool is highly beneficial. 

It starts by asking you a few simple questions about your preferences regarding psychic interpretations before offering you a shortlist of potential psychics you might be interested in.

Overall, Psychic Source is an interactive website offering entertaining quizzes, including a love language test and more.

The site is an excellent way of passing the time and can help you understand more about yourself.

There are also podcasts and videos to keep you informed and, in some cases, entertained. 

>> Connect with psychic advisors for pocket-friendly prices here [Psychic Source] >>

3. Keen – On-the-go App for Affordable Psychics (1000+ Advisors)

Brand Spotlight_Paradise Media_Cheap Psychics-Keen



  • First 3 minutes free
  • 10 min for only $1.99 
  • 35 million satisfied customers 
  • Wide range of reading types


Whatever reading type you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it at Keen, which offers a wide variety of reading types.

Keen is also a highly-established psychic reading online service that’s been around for 20 years, claiming to have assisted more than 35 million people with their most urgent questions.

Keen’s Psychic Network of Cheap Psychics Online

Keen’s wealth of experienced psychics are available to give guidance on topics like love, career, finance, and spirituality.

You can also get a cheap tarot reading and an affordable astrology reading and dream analysis here.

The Keen specialists excel in more niche fields, including aura cleansing, chakra cleansing, Mayan astrology, and Feng Shui.

And while Keen doesn’t offer video readings, all the psychic readers are available via phone and live chat.

Cheap Readings, Deals, and Discounts

At Keen, prices start from $1.99 a minute

There’s a handy toggle bar that you can slide across to search for online psychics within your price range

For example, you could narrow your search to include psychics that charge $1.99 while excluding everyone else.

As a new customer, you can talk to a psychic reader for free for your first 3 minutes. And if you disconnect after 3 minutes, you can chat with another reader for free for another 3 minutes.

Keen also offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all paying members.


As we’ve mentioned, Keen’s best feature is easily its wide variety of reading types

These are all split into different categories for easy access, with each one containing cheap psychic readers.

You can also use Keen’s daily horoscopes for free as a guest or a member, and there are tons of articles in the blog section. 

These articles provide expert advice on love and relationships, astrology, tarot, and more.

>> Get in touch with cheap psychics by phone here [Keen] >>

4. AskNow – Strictest Screening for Cheap Phone Psychics (*FREE Minutes)

Brand Spotlight_Paradise Media_Cheap Psychics-Ask Now



  • Ask a free question as a new customer 
  • 5 free bonus minutes
  • Readers available 24/7
  • 9 different categories to choose from


  • Would benefit from more search filters

New customers who join AskNow can ask a question entirely for free at this top-rated cheap psychic website.

The qualified psychics, including affordable Top-Rated Advisors and more expensive Elite Advisors, are available 24/7

The site is now in its 17th year, and you can connect with the readers via phone or chat.

AskNow’s Network of Cheap Psychics by Phone

AskNow’s psychics are divided into 9 categories. 

These include careers and goals, money and finance, love and relationships, numerology, tarot readers, dream analysis, spiritual guides, pet psychics, and past lives.

And while we think AskNow could benefit from more search filter options, we love that you can search for readers according to their level of expertise – Elite, Master, or Top-Rated, with the latter being the cheapest.

AskNow also has the toughest screening process for psychics we’ve come across. Evidently, each psychic is handpicked by senior staff and must undergo quarterly tests to ensure their quality of service remains top-notch.

AskNow psychics are available via either live chat or phone readings.

Cheap Psychic Readings, Deals, and Discounts

AskNow’s cheapest readings are among their Top-Rated Advisors, who have a starting price of $4.99 per minute and charge $.99 per minute at the most.

You can also ask a question for free on the homepage as a new member. All you have to do is pop your query into the box and enter a valid email address. An expert psychic reader will then respond via email.

New customers also get 5 bonus minutes to use during their first full session, while the AskNow new customer rate is $1 per minute for a limited period.


AskNow has a feature called Psychic Spotlight, which puts the “spotlight” on a collection of some of their top psychics. 

This is an excellent way to find psychic readers you might have missed.

There are also daily horoscopes on the website and an in-depth blog to which some of AskNow’s most trusted psychics frequently add new content. Topics include dreams, destiny, and wellbeing.

>> Get 5 MINUTES FREE tarot, psychic medium readings, and more here [AskNow] >>

5. Oranum – Multilingual Psychics Offering Cheap Readings 

Brand Spotlight_Paradise Media_Cheap Psychics-Oranum




  • Lacks advanced search filters

Oranum was launched in 2013, and its psychics are available in multiple languages, making it ideal for anyone who wants to talk to a psychic advisor in German, French, Spanish, Italian – or other languages.

And while we think the site could benefit from advanced search filters, the Oranum app gives the competition a run for their money.

The app boasts numerous features and a responsive design, making access to cheap psychic readings online more straightforward than ever. It’s, therefore, the preferred choice for psychic readings by phone

Oranum’s Network of the Best Psychics

Oranum offers more reading types than most. 

Alongside fortune tellers, tarot card readings, and love readings, you can gain guidance from psychic readers who interpret dreams and specialize in numerology, spirituality, and more.

Palm readings are also available here, as are energy healers.

You can contact Oranum’s psychics via chat, phone, or video.

Cheap Readings, Deals, and Discounts

If you join Oranum, you can snap up 10,000 credits straight away. These are credited to your account and equate to $10 worth of free credit.

We think this is a good deal because, in theory, it can translate to as many as your first ten minutes free.

Oranum then lets you purchase Coin packages, which work out as a cheap way to pay for your psychic sessions online over the long term. 

And as a new member, Oranum will treat you to Bonus Coins returned as more free credits.


Oranum has a unique contests feature in which you can rate the psychic advisors, give them points – and watch as they ascend the leaderboard. 

The psychics you rate gain more visibility and credibility, while you could win as much as £2,000 for participating.

Generally, Oranum is a fun and interactive psychic service where psychic readers share stories (think Instagram Stories) and engage with customers in real-time via live chats that are available for everyone to see.

And as we mentioned earlier, the Oranum app stands out with its ease of use and excellent connectivity. 

Wherever you are, you can enjoy psychic readings by phone or video

>> Get cheap psychic chat readings on the go here [Oranum] >>

6. Mysticsense – Best New Cheap Online Psychic Reading Service 

Brand Spotlight_Paradise Media_Cheap Psychics-Mysticsense




  • Not as established as other sites 

Mysticsense was only launched in 2020 – but we’re so confident in its credentials that we had to add it to our list.

In fact, MysticSense has already built over 28,000 customer reviews while building solid and long-term relationships between its highly-screened readers and their customers.

Mysticsense’s Network of Online Psychic Readers

Mysticsense has wasted no time in adding 600+ of the best psychic readers to its roster. 

You can connect with them via telephone or chat and apply various filters to help you find the psychic reading you’re looking for.

These filters include tools, specialties, and reading styles. You can also sort them by price.

Reading types include love readings, life coaching, numerology, tarot readings, crystal balls, and aura readings while reading styles include compassionate, direct, compassionate, and wise.

Affordable Psychics, Deals, and Discounts

MysticSense pushes the boat out for new customers, who can enjoy their first 5 minutes free. This is two minutes more than many other online psychic readings offer.

Even better, MysticSense’s most affordable psychic readers are available at $0.99 per minute.

Full refunds are available for anyone who’s not satisfied with their reading.


Mysticsense is truly a modern psychic website in every sense. 

Apart from sporting a clean web design, a helpful live chat button appears after you’ve been on the website for a few minutes. This is available 24/7 to answer your questions about their service.

The advanced search has more filters than most other psychic websites we’ve seen, and there are 200+ blog posts you can catch up on. Topics include career guidance, love advice, and tarot reading.

>> Learn more about [Mysticsence] cheap psychics here >>

How To Choose the Best Psychic Reading Sites for Cheap Online Psychics

Affordable Readings

Because we were looking for the best cheap psychic readings, it made sense that we first identified the most affordable online psychic readings service. You can enjoy readings at all the sites on our list for less than $5 per minute.

Strict Screening Process

To ensure that cheap psychic readings equal quality online psychic readings, we added online psychic services that put their psychic mediums through a strict screening process.

Deals And Discounts

Alongside low starting prices, we added online psychic websites that offer the best deals and discounts. 

These include introductory offers, such as free psychic reading, bonus minutes, and free questions.

Variety Of Reading Types

We understand the frustration of joining an online psychic reading site, only to find that the type of reading you’re looking for isn’t available. 

To avoid this, we chose online psychic reading sites that offer a range of readings, from tarot readings to love readings.

Ease Of Use

Lastly, we firmly believe that the best online psychic reading sites should be easy to use so that you can quickly connect with a suitable best psychic. 

Consequently, all the psychic platforms on our list are user-friendly and work just as well on mobile as they do on desktop.

Phone Vs. Video Vs. Chat Readings

Nearly all the best online psychics let you contact them by phone or live chat. Some – such as the psychics at Oranum – are also available via video.

The cheapest option is live chat. With this, you type your questions into a text box and the psychic replies in real-time. 

Online chat readings are low-cost and can be accurate. However, because the psychic can’t hear or see you, they might struggle to tap into your frequencies.

A phone psychic reading is a little more expensive, but it allows the best online psychics to hear you and get a better feel for your vibes and energies. Moreover, the psychic can ask you for clarity and vice-versa.

A phone psychic reading also doesn’t rely on WiFi, and for many, it’s not as intimidating as a video reading.

A video reading is the most expensive way of contacting the best online psychics. Because the psychic can see you, they can tap into your wavelength even more and provide a more accurate psychic reading online.

>> Check out our #1 recommendation for affordable psychic services online >>

Cheap Online Psychic Readings: FAQ

Is It Possible To Get A $1 Psychic Reading?

Yes, many of the best online psychic reading platforms are home to psychics who charge just $1 a minute. These include Mystic Sense and Psychic Source.

That said, some online psychic websites let you take advantage of introductory offers in which their readers, tarot readers, etc., are available for $1 a minute for a limited period.

Why Do Advisors Offer Cheap Psychic Readings?

Online psychic reading websites offer cheap readings because they understand that everyone’s financial situations are different. 

Consequently, they offer cheap and premium phone, chat, and video readings to benefit everyone.

Besides, online psychic reading websites constantly add new psychics to their roster. A new psychic might have to offer their online psychic reading services for a lower price to attract clients.

Can You Trust Cheap Psychic Readings For Help?

Yes, you can trust cheap psychics for help.

As long as you read customer reviews and take advantage of a free psychic reading that gives you an understanding of how experienced a psychic is, an inexpensive psychic reading can help you.

Often, we can’t judge the quality of a reading based on price. 

Just because readings of any type, from tarot card readings to past life readings to spiritual readings, are cheap doesn’t automatically mean they are inaccurate.

So always judge a reading by the quality of the online psychic reading platforms.

For instance, Kasamba puts all its readers through a strict screening process and has existing customer reviews.

Are Affordable Psychic Readings Trustworthy?

Absolutely, affordable psychic readings can be trustworthy. 

If you’re unsure of the trustworthiness of any online psychic services, you can take advantage of free psychic readings first to gauge how comfortable you feel with a reader.

Do Chat Psychic Readings With Cheap Psychics Work?

Yes, chat psychic readings with cheap psychics can work.

However, we always advise that any type of psychic reading online, be it tarot card readings, spiritual readings, or fortune telling, is always more accurate via phone or video.

This is because video and phone psychic readings allow for more clarity while giving the psychic the chance to know you more intimately because they can access you using more senses (sight and sound).

However, a reading via live chat can still be helpful if you’re seeking advice, guidance, and insights.

That said, the type of reading matters. 

For instance, because of their nature, tarot readings will always be more challenging via phone. A chat reading can work if you have questions on topics like love and your career.

Can I Get A Free Psychic Reading?

Yes, you can get a free psychic reading The likes of phone psychic readings, chat readings, and video readings are free at the best online psychic websites for a limited time.

For example, Kasamba lets you use its services for the first 3 minutes free of charge. You can get love readings for free, tarot readings for free, and fortune telling entirely for free.

However, because free psychic readings are limited in terms of time, it’s always wise to ask your most pressing questions.

How Can The Best Psychic Readings Change Your Life?

The best psychic sessions can change your life by clearing the mist, giving you clarity, and allowing you to confidently make big decisions that turn your life around. 

They can also help you be brave enough to, among other things, end a toxic relationship or quit your job.

Best Cheap Online Psychics: Final Thoughts 

All the psychic reading services on our list offer cheap psychic readings. 

However, Kasamba is our top pick overall, offering a plethora of services and up to 70% off your first reading, not forgetting the free 3 minutes for new customers.

Oranum comes at a close second, providing top-notch psychic phone readings to ensure you always have reliable psychic interpretations in the palm of your hand wherever you are.

However, no matter which psychic reading website you choose from our list, you’re sure to get pocket-friendly and reliable readings.

Just be sure to read customer reviews and guides like ours to ensure you’re joining a psychic site you can trust and one with a rigorous screening process.

This guarantees that even the most affordable psychics are trustworthy and can give you the advice and guidance you need. 

Your answers are a click away!

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