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Healthcare 3D Printing Market Size & Share

Graphical Research

Graphical Research

Major healthcare 3D printing market players include 3D Biotek, 3D Systems, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, Digilab, Nano3D Biosciences, TeVido BioDevices, Stratasys, BioBots, Envision TEC, Luxexel, Materialise NV, 3D Bioprinting Solutions, regenHU, Renishaw, Oventus Medical, Cyfuse Biomedical, and Carbon Inc.

Pune, India, Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The global healthcare 3D printing market size is set to rise substantially during the forecast timeline, driven by the rapid advancements in 3D printing technology and its growing utilization across the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Listed ahead are some prominent factors supporting the market progression throughout the projection period.

Syringe-based 3D printers to drive lucrative gains across the Asia Pacific

The syringe-based 3D printing technology is extensively used across several medical applications, including embedded printing, bioprinting, and prototyping. Syringe-based printers can facilitate the fabrication of microsystems and reduce the pause between design and prototype when integrated with suitable materials.

These printers efficiently control parameters like material flow and initial and final coercion released on the material throughout the printing process and enable the quick prototyping of new ideas in the medical field. In addition, their high precision, flexibility, and ease of maintaining the rate of flow of material will push the market growth trajectory.

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Increasing infrastructure expansion in India

In July 2022, Akaash Healthcare set up a lab named Cure c 3D, equipped with STRATASYS J5, a state-of-the-art Polyjet printer that can produce models in several materials and colors. This will help clinicians and surgeons create 3D models of complicated clinical cases for surgical treatment planning, patient education, and the invention of patient-specific jigs and other medical instruments.

Such moves will allow safe & accurate surgical interventions, like those in intricate spinal deformities, which, in turn, will boost Asia Pacific healthcare 3D printing market forecast.

Dental application to create new growth prospects

An increasing inclination toward augmenting aesthetic appearance and increasing disposable incomes are anticipated to complement the market revenue trajectory. Growing incidence of malocclusion and jaw disorders has led to raised adoption of dental braces, which could further drive substantial market growth over the coming years.

FDM technology to gain popularity across Europe

Fused deposition modeling technology has been projected to account for USD 1.1 billion by 2028 in Europe. The remarkable characteristics of FDM technology, like high chemical and heat endurance, make it appropriate for a wide range of biomedical and healthcare applications. These include tissue engineering, implants, and the study of external wearable and clinical devices.

Besides, its ability to produce functional parts with complex geometrical shapes in a shorter time offers it a competitive edge over laser sintering technology. The growing adoption of FDM technology will strengthen Europe healthcare 3D printing market share.

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Germany healthcare 3D printing market to account for a significant market share

Germany will depict a 21.5% CAGR over the analysis timeframe, mainly due to the increasing technological innovation, research programs, and widespread usage of 3D printing technology across the medical field.

Growing efforts of leading tech players and industry participants to foster new product development will further propel the industry growth trends. The nation is believed to be a world leader when it comes to healthcare facilities and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

U.S. to emerge as a major market

U.S. healthcare 3D printing market size could exhibit a CAGR of about 24% and record a valuation worth USD 3,672 million by 2028.

The ongoing improvement of the healthcare infrastructure across the country, accompanied by the supportive government framework, has led to a proliferation of 3D printing technology. There has been a considerable rise in healthcare investments over the last few years, leading to the establishment of training and research centers in the country.

The rollout of several government policies that aim at supporting SMEs and multinational firms will create new growth prospects for North America market.

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Medical applications to gain momentum across North America 

Across the medical domain, the demand for 3D printing is already substantial, attributed to the rapid expansion of the personalized orthotics and prosthetics market. The WHO has estimated that about 1 billion people need assistive products in the present scenario, and over 2 billion people globally may require at least one assistive product by 2030.  The increasing number of surgical implantation procedures, coupled with the high demand for personalized medical solutions, will aid the industry’s expansion in the years to come.

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