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Radeon Vulkan Driver RADV Lands 3D Sparse Image Support


The latest open-source Radeon Vulkan driver work for Mesa 22.3’s RADV is enabling 3D sparse image support.

The Vulkan 3D sparse image support for RADV was worked on for the benefit of the Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan implementation. However, the 3D sparse image support also has use by VKD3D-Proton as the D3D12 over Vulkan implementation used by Steam Play.

The RADV 3D sparse image support was worked on by RADV co-creator Bas Nieuwenhuizen. The Vulkan sparseResidencyImage3D feature is enabling for Polaris GPUs and newer (update: A patch landed a short time ago limiting it now to Vega and newer, due to broken Polaris behavior for the Vulkan CTS) while residencyStandard3DBlockShape is enabled for GFX9/Vega and newer with this RADV code for next quarter’s Mesa 22.3 release.

This functionality is for 3D textures backed by sparse memory where only certain regions/portions are actually backed by video memory. This merge request that landed last night in mainline has all the details for those interested in RADV 3D sparse image support.

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