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Jay Leno Reveals What He Thinks Of The Czinger 3D-Printed Hypercar

Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube takes a trip to the headquarters of Divergent Technologies in California where Jay checks out the 2023 Czinger 21C, a hypercar made through a 3D printing process.

Jay talks through the digital manufacturing technology with founder Kevin Czinger and his son Lukas before taking the car for a test drive on the track.

Check out the video to see this innovative approach to car manufacturing in action.

The 2023 Czinger 21C On Jay Leno’s Garage

As Jay Leno puts it, the 2023 Czinger 21C “marks a new era in the car business” as it allows for an even more efficient, simple approach to manufacturing automobiles than what exists already.

The car has a dual turbo and 7-speed manual transmission as well as a carbon fiber body and hybrid powertrain – the result of this car, due to the manufacturing, is a light, precise and extremely strong vehicle.

Czingers’ 21C outputs 950 horsepower from the ICE engine alone and comes with a value of $2,000,000.

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Divergent Technologies is already collaborating with multiple OEMs given the flexibility and adaptability of the manufacturing process.

The structure pieces of the car are both hollow and with internal structure support which combines lightness but also strength – the manufacturing process of the components of the car involve a succession of layers built on top of one another that is about 90% aluminum and 10% “secret sauce” the specifics of which they do not reveal.

Jay Leno Test Driving The Czinger 21C Hypercar

Jay examines a brake caliper which is unlike any you have seen before given that it is a braking system and a suspension system built into a single unit labeled “functional integration.”

With a thorough review of how the car works, it is time for Jay to take the car for a test drive; he will be the first person outside the company to drive the car.

The design of the 21C drew inspiration from the United States Air Force SR-71 Blackbird.

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Out on the track in the desert, Jay enjoys the driving dynamics of the car that has two seats behind each other like a fighter plane.

The center driving position allows for great visibility and overall control of the car which has a top speed of 253 mph, with Jay commenting that even when you think you’ve reached the limits, you can tell the car will go faster.

The car utilizes regenerative braking and torque vectoring and the parts, given the engineering and build process can be re-designed and manufactured in a matter of hours.

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