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9 Free 3D Prints to Organize Your Workshop

There is no better time than now to organize your workshop; and if you own a 3D printer, you don’t even need to leave the building. From the comfort of your home, you can download a range of functional prints to keep all your odd bits and pieces neatly organized. And while store-bought organizers are cheap and plentiful, you will never get the perfect custom fit.

Get inspired to tidy up your space with these 3D printing projects and don’t be afraid to remix the designs to your exact measurements.

1. Modular Drawer Organizer

Let’s start simple with a sleek-looking modular drawer organizer made up of border pieces and dividers that snap into place. You can download all the files from the Thingiverse project page.

The files are good to go as they are in STL format, or they can be edited using either OpenSCAD or the Thingiverse Customizer. If you’ve never altered a 3D print project before, this is a nice and simple project to start with.

A custom fit will ensure that any loose tool, part, or random thing floating around in the drawer will be squarely tucked away. The project picture shows kitchen utensils, but it’s not hard to imagine how you might divide and conquer your workshop clutter.

2. Sci-Fi Inspired Tiny Parts Storage

Everything needs a home, including tiny bolts, screws, and connectors, so what better way to solve that problem than with a tiny set of sci-fi inspired storage drawers? You can also take a look at the 100+ other community makes on the Thingiverse project page to see various retro colorways, along with multiple different box sizes.

The original set of crates shown in the project description is of a 90mm cube, but you will also find STL files for small crates, extra-large crates, and sizes in-between. Start by counting how many small parts you need to organize, then 3D print enough to suit your needs.

3. Small Stackable Drawers in Varying Size

The beauty of this 3D printed stackable drawer is that you can print a new one whenever your inventory of parts grows larger. It’s worth exploring the many colored community makes on the Thingiverse project page too, as some really stand out, like the multicolored rainbow sets.

The STL files include all sorts of sizes and combinations of drawers, so you can start small or go straight to building a towering stack to house all of your things. Resistors, D&D miniatures, and art supplies are all good options for tucking away in this organizer.

4. Drill Bit Organizer

This 3D drill bit organizer is printed in pastel colors to give it a 70s or 90s aesthetic, depending on who you ask. For anyone old enough to remember, it almost looks like a Caboodle, a kind of plastic makeup case made in 1987. If you want to replicate the original design by the maker, you can search for the Prusament filament called Terracotta Light and Pistachio Green.

The download folder will come with three files which you can get from the Thingiverse project page; however, the latch is not included, and you will need to download that from the “Latch for Frog Box” Thingiverse page instead. Just as there are tools that every maker should own, there are organizers that every workshop must have, including this one.

5. Micro SD, SD, and USB Organizer

This 3D printed desktop organizer will keep all your microSD cards, regular SD cards, and USB sticks neatly sorted in a dedicated stand. There is a surprisingly large demand for this nifty organizer with close to 500 community makes at the time of writing, so head to the Thingiverse project page to check them out.

Who would need so many slots, you might wonder? A photo printing workshop, for one, will often take in plenty of client USB sticks. And if this design isn’t big enough, there is a Thingiverse remix that almost doubles the number of slots!

6. Peg Board Custom Attachments in Every Shape and Size

The pegboard —with its standard 1/4 inch holes and 1 inch spacing— is used in many home workshops to organize all manner of tools and parts. Use it to hold tools, organize parts into bins or trays, or to display your gear. The scope for customization is endless.

If you have a pegboard in your workshop then it’s worth checking out what unique attachments you can 3D print for it. In this Thingiverse project, the maker collectively calls his designs the Pegboard Wizard, and it’s not hard to see why. There are so many shapes, sizes, bins, and trays for you to choose from, including close to 1000 design remixes that you can explore as well.

7. Hive Cable Organizer

This 3D printed cable holder is shaped like a honeycomb and is perfect for organizing your small cables; just fold your cable up and slot it right in. You don’t have to go through the hassle of perfectly coiling it or securing it with a Velcro cable tie.

While it was originally designed to fit on a desktop and hold small cables, the maker has updated the project with a couple more size options for larger cables. The smallest is 120mm tall, while the largest is 180mm, and you can explore the different options over on the Thingiverse project page.

Simple, functional, and good-looking, this design has proved to be a popular solution to tidying up your workspace. To make sure your print comes out well, try some of these tips for fixing PLA not sticking to the printing bed.

8. USB Cable Holders

There are a few solutions for how to keep USB cables tidy in your workshop, which is essential for anyone working with multiple computer devices. For a start, you can try this USB Slot Design on Thingiverse, which works by inserting the USB end of the cable into a holder, just like you would plug it into a USB port.

Alternatively, you can test the Multi-Clip USB Cable Holder on Thingiverse, which has notches for the wire cable to hook on. If you don’t need so many slots, or if you want to place the cable clips in different locations, try this Single USB Cable Holder on Thingiverse.

9. Filament Spool Holder

Finally, for all the 3D printing you might do in the future, it’s best to get your filament spools organized too. The solution doesn’t have to be complicated either, as this Thingiverse design really goes to show. These parts fit together simply by pressing them together—it couldn’t be easier.

You will need four pieces for each spool holder, plus four 608 bearings. After assembling the pieces, the end result will look like two long rails for the spool to sit on. This design also allows the spool to easily rotate in place thanks to the bearings, making it a lot more convenient to lift the spool off when needed.

3D Printing Every Kind of Organizer

When you have a 3D printer, it can be a lot of fun printing out designs to organize your space. Basic shapes are often all that’s needed to create functional organizers, and that’s also what works best for successful 3D prints.

Some of the most useful things to print include stackable drawers, small parts bins, and cable holders. But the custom-built SD card slots or spool holders are what excites people the most. Everything can be modified to fit the exact dimensions of your workshop and with these simple prints, it’s the perfect place to experiment.

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