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Digital Silk & Evlo Fitness Launch A Vibrant New Digital Experience to Grow the Fitness Brand Online

Fitness brand website by Digital Silk

Evlo Fitness’ new website is live

“This is what makes a brand feel authentic; a brand that is true to its founder’s personality and company culture will feel true to its audience.” – Boban Vaiagich, Director of Brand Design at Digital Silk

Founded by a renowned physical therapist Dr. Shannon Ritchey, fitness brand Evlo partnered with a creative digital agency Digital Silk to reimagine and grow their online presence through strategic branding and web design.

Evlo competes in a highly saturated market of online fitness programs. To stand out, the brand needed an authentic, visually distinctive look and feel, as well as effective, clear, and unique value proposition (UVP) driven messaging. Digital Silk’s Director of Brand Strategy Courtney Bozigian and her team of brand strategy experts led a series of structured discovery exercises to define Evlo’s core messaging to leverage in all brand communications, as well as their brand visual design.

“Thanks to industry research, competitive analysis and brand positioning exercises, we were able to clearly identify what makes Evlo unique, and create a positioning that is unique ownable to them,” said Bozigian. “These insights translated into the key messaging territories that would underpin all brand communications, including website and marketing copy and the brand visual identity .”

The agency focused on Evlo’s unique methodology of effective workouts that are safe and gentle for your joints, developed and delivered by “doctors of physical therapy and highly trained fitness instructors” as one of the key differentiators.

Having defined Evlo’s brand strategy, Digital Silk reimagined the brand’s visual identity. Lead by Director of Brand Design Boban Vaiagich, the agency’s brand designers crafted a vibrant brand book, complete with their new color palette, typography, imagery, iconography and other visual resources that would maintain consistency in Evlo’s presentation.

“We used lots of dynamic elements such as rhomboids, diagonally stacked lines and italicized text coupled with a youthful and soft color palette to communicate both the energy and strength this program promotes, and the gentle nature of its approach,” explained Vaiagich.

According to Vaiagich, Evlos’ visual identity was inspired by both its new brand strategy and its leadership, particularly Dr. Ritchey.

“In the brand design phase, we were heavily focused on capturing not only what Evlo’s audience expects and responds to, but also Dr. Ritchey and her team’s unique brand culture,” said Vaiagich. “This is what makes a brand feel authentic; a brand that is true to its founder’s personality and company culture will feel true to its audience.”

Evlo’s visual identity then took form in their new website design. Under the leadership of Vice President Keith Solomon, Digital Silk’s web design experts developed the brand’s digital strategy which formed a blueprint for their website structure, messaging, and design.

“Evlo’s web design is the embodiment of their brand strategy guided by a digital strategy,” said Solomon. “Each landing page follows user experience (UX) design best practices and is fully optimized for marketing campaigns which is key to their future online growth.”

Digital Silk and Evlo Fitness recently launched the brand’s new website, introducing the redesigned identity to their loyal online community as well as prospect audiences.

About Digital Silk:

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