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3D Printer Review: Geeetech Mizar S for Convenient and Cost-Effective 3D Printing


(Photo : Geeetech)

Just a few years back, seeing a machine that could transform digital models into real and tangible ones was equivalent to a scene in a sci-fi movie. But over the years, 3D printers became possible but are neither financially accessible nor available for everyone outside professional domains.

Today, there’s a new era of 3D printing technology that can provide a new way of manufacturing things with several uses. You won’t even have to be a professional to get one. These best 3D printers to hit the market came from Geeetech, and one of them is the Mizar S.

What Can a 3D Printer Make?

3D printers are commonly for designers wanting to build product models and prototypes swiftly. However, some 3D printers can also generate finished products right away. With 3D printing, you can print furniture, toys, a case for your phone, tools, novelty items, and more.

Perhaps the key advantage is that even complicated forms may be made faster with fewer resources than traditional production processes. This is a game changer for manufacturers, 3D printing services, or designers looking to expand their portfolio at home.

What Is a Good 3D Printer to Buy?

In recent years, 3D printing technology has seen rapid advancements. Firms that entered the industry earlier have a wealth of knowledge in the investigation of 3D printing technology, one of which is Geeetech.

Geeetech is a 3D printing research and manufacturing company that first set foot in the field in 2011. It’s one of China’s pioneers of 3D printing. The people behind Geeetech’s success amassed a collection of expertise and resources throughout its lengthy history, laying the groundwork for producing high-quality 3D printers.

Geeetech Mizar S new printer is the result of actual input from many 3D printing customers, and it addresses most of the printer’s shortcomings. Mizar S is the only auto-leveling 3D printer on the market with improved printing accuracy and a fixed hotbed, so you won’t have to worry about it being distorted or loosened.


(Photo : Geeetech)

It has a construction volume of 255*255*260mm and a more succinct and elegant look, which can fulfill most of your printing demands. For a detailed overview, here are the key features:

Key Features

  • Precise auto-leveling: The Geeetech Mizar S is the only printer with a dual-leveling mechanism that allows for one-button ABL automated bed leveling. There is no need for extra leveling equipment such as BL touch since it already comes with a high-precision leveling sensor. Additionally, Mizar S has created a GML manual leveling mode that is more user-friendly for novices, amateurs, and professionals.

  • Stable magnetic platform: The heat bed has an entirely fixed design with the aluminum plate secured to the bracket by 12 screws; while leveling, you need to modify the height of the nozzle. The bed will also not bend due to temperature fluctuations, eliminating the challenge of unstable printing caused by loose nuts. Plus, this platform is a magnetic plate and a steel sheet, providing better stickiness and making it easier to remove 3D models.

  • Ultra-silent driver: The Mizar S motherboard employs a high-performance 32-bit MCU for better printing speeds. Despite that, it comes with a TMC2208 quiet driver, except for the extruder, that can successfully minimize stepper motor noise compared to Atmega2560. The printing sound does not exceed 50 dB, which will not disrupt work, study, or relaxation.


    (Photo : Geeetech)

  • Large build volume and dual Z-axis: This 3D printer has a larger print size of 255 x 255 x 260mm / 10.0 x 10.0 x 10.2 inches, providing plenty of room for creative designs. Not just that, the double Z-axis screw design includes each screw rob fitted with T8 anti-backlash spring-loaded nuts. All of which work together to provide decreased zero position inaccuracy and more reliable printing performance.


    (Photo : Geeetech)

  • Printing lighting and touch screen UI: Next to the hotbed is an RGB three-color LED with a white light mode and a color breathing mode. The light lets you watch your printing process properly, even at night. To digitize the process, Mizar S has a 3.5-inch high-resolution touch screen with an intuitive UI for beginners.

  • Advanced printing functions: It can recognize interruptions of power failure, 3D printer filament running out or jammed, and will automatically stop and store the printing progress. It can also restart the previous printing task, providing an additional layer of safety for your printing work.

Geeetech established an innovative and technology-oriented emphasis with Mizar S, clearly showing their specialization in research and design. This newest FFF device from their lineup boasted not only increased functioning but also sophisticated inputs. PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, Nyon, and Carbon Fiber are just a few examples of the materials Mizar S can print.

Key Advantages

  • Excellent auto-bed leveling with no extra BL touch accessory needed

  • Offers manual leveling for backup

  • Dual Z-axis with independent motors and anti-backlash spring-loaded nuts, reducing the layer pattern on the 3D output


    (Photo : Geeetech)

  • Silent drivers for all motors and silent 3d printing with <50db

  • RGB light beside the nozzle to illuminate the models and see printing details at night

  • Strong and durable dual-gear filament feed

  • Power-off protection

  • High-performance motherboard and responsive touch screen

Most significantly, Mizar S has not received any user feedback indicating a damaged or malfunctioning auto-leveling system. Despite this, they continue to support manual leveling to ensure that the printer can function correctly should the auto-leveling become compromised.

Best 3D Printer for Beginners

The Geeetech Mizar S is undoubtedly one of the best 3D printers on the market. The dual leveling system with complete auto-leveling capabilities and half manual leveling is its standout feature, which is uncommon in printers of comparable price.

Users who have purchased the product agree that the Geeetech Mizar S is the most user-friendly FDM 3D printer that simplifies 3D printing. Now, you may join the list of satisfied customers by purchasing this 3D printer from Geeetech’s official website, Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress.

The good news is that Geeetech is running a summer deal on the Mizar S on their official website for $375 instead of $469. For additional information, visit the official Geeetech online shop.

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