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‘That can’t be real’: Artist’s 3D optical illusion painting captivates the internet

3D painting

Photo: Twitter/Gabriele Corno


  • The video was shared by Gabriele Corno on Twitter.
  • In the clip, the artist painted a girl on a ball.
  • His painting created an astonishing optical illusion.

We live in a society that does not suffer from the dearth of talent. With the internet, gifted individuals are able to showcase their skills to the world through different social media platforms irrespective of their location or circumstances. One artist has become the talk of the internet after one of his clips left the internet completely captivated. The artist’s jaw-dropping 3D painting has won many hearts online.

The video was shared by Gabriele Corno on Twitter. He captioned it, “Folk artist goes viral for his uncanny 3D graffiti painting.”

In the clip, the artist is seen drawing on a piece of paper that is stuck on a tree. He then goes on to make a painting of a girl on a ball. As he progresses with his art, his painting blends in with the surrounding in such a way that it entirely camouflages with the nature around.

The video ends with a shot of the mind-blowing 3-D art. The internet was spellbound by the optical illusion created by the artist. “Absolutely amazing,” wrote one user. Another claimed, “People amaze me with their talent.”

Some could not even believe it was real. One user wrote, “That can’t be real, can it?” Another one said, “I think so, think about those 3d chalk art on footpaths, some of them are amazing.” Some mocked themselves and claimed that they could not make anything remotely close to what the artist managed to make.

Undoubtedly, such artists need to be recognised for their outstanding work.

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