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Massive 3D Akita Projected Over Tokyo Streets, Homage to Hachiko

3d akita

(Photo Credit: Nezmiちゃんネル on YouTube)

Tokyo ward Shibuya debuted a massive 3D Akita who watches over commuters on the bustling street.

The pup bears resemblance to Hachiko, a famously loyal Akita who waited for his dad at Shibuya Station every day, even after the man’s death.

The 3D Akita rivals another ward’s 3D pet. Shinjuku debuted a 3D cat last year. Unlike Hachiko, the feline lives on one billboard. Shibuya’s dog hops from billboard to billboard, playfully tinkering with gears. Watch the dog play below.

Hachiko has been both the subject of and an inspiration for many films and books, most notably, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

The loyal pup attended the unveiling of his own statue at Odate Station in 1934. However, the statue was melted for metal during World War II. Since then, the University of Tokyo debuted a statue of Hachiko and his dad to serve as a memorial.

Hachiko’s story of loyalty reminds us of the irreplaceable bond that exists between human and dog. It’s only fitting that a giant Hachiko watches over Shibuya.

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