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The AdventureQuest 3D Team “Apologizes” To Blizzard By Throwing Shade Over Canceled WoW Mobile Game

Adventure Quest 3D

The AdventureQuest 3D team “felt terrible” that Blizzard Entertainment‘s World of Warcraft mobile spin-off called “Neptune” was scrapped over a disagreement with NetEase on financial terms. In an “apologetic” post from the AdventureQuest 3D team, it soon went from feeling terrible to throwing a whole gallon of shade at the publishing giant.

According to the dev post, “it was obvious that the market share of AdventureQuest 3D…would have cost them a potential loss of players in the double, perhaps even triple digits,” sarcastically clowning the WoW developer for their decision.

CEO/Paladin of Artix Entertainment Adam Bohn didn’t pull any punches, either. Continuing the sarcastic apology, he says: “As a long-time fan and player of World of Warcraft, I was disheartened to hear the news. Hindsight being 20/22 it was a strategic and wise move. With our 20th anniversary coming this October and the launch of the mobile version of our 2D AdventureQuest Worlds game…their marketing efforts would have been completely drown out by the frenzy of cheers from the 5 or so people who actually tweet nice things at me on Twitter.”

Bohn finishes by saying, “So until Blizzard builds a massively multiplayer game for mobile, there is at least one MMO you should be playing. And if the servers for that one are down, try AdventureQuest 3D.”

Speaking of, AdventureQuest 3D is a free cross-platform MMORPG that serves up new content weekly. You can check it out on the official website.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones, News Editor
Anthony Jones is a gaming journalist and late 90s kid in love with retro games and the evolution of modern gaming. He started at Mega Visions as a news reporter covering the latest announcements, rumors, and fan-made projects. FFXIV has his heart in the MMORPGs scene, but he’s always excited to analyze and lose hours to ambitious and ambiguous MMOs that gamers follow.

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