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Serpzilla, a global white-hat backlinking platform for building a stellar SEO strategy, together with Opositive, the curiosity lab, is all set to organize a power-packed webinar on Thursday 7th July 2022. The one-hour webinar on how to create backlinks step by step will begin at 3 PM IST, with the intent to share and enlighten SEO aspirants and professionals alike, about the following topics:

  • How to boost organic traffic?
  • To share the strategies and practices behind real-life case studies
  • Deliver unique insights from the experts on the anatomy of picking up the right links and building backlinks the right way.

The event is going to have an esteemed experts’ panel comprising Mr. Ravi Soni (Co-Founder of Obbserv & OPositive – Center of excellence for search), Mr. Sandeep Malya (CEO of Startup Cafe Digital), and Mr. Pinaki Chakraborty (Sr.Director Search & Content Marketing at Acko). Join this exclusive workshop on “Cutting Edge Tactics in Link Building” at https://rb.gy/ccozsj.


“We all know how SEO is getting the required traction for all the big and small businesses online, helping them grow traffic & revenue manifolds. Thus, to help all the knowledge seekers, we have curated the most practical link-building workshop that will give them the correct backlink strategy approach. Our focus will be to introduce real-life successful backlink strategies 2022 that worked wonders and to empower them to create SEO plans to boost organic traffic.” stated Mr. Ravi Soni.


O+ve: ReThinking SEO

With their strong domain expertise and thriving team force, O+ve is all set to address the curiosities of the SEO enthusiasts with their tried and tested SEO strategies to drive exponential growth. Known for being an advanced SEO research lab, they aim to deliver focused solutions for ad-free traffic growth & footfall to stores. OPositive is a fast-growing center of excellence for search at OWW ( Obbserv World Wide ).


Obbserv was founded by Ravi Soni & Ajay Raj Acharya in 2012 with a vision to deliver a digital-first, personalized & sustainable solution for brands that are growth-hungry & passionate to put a dent in the world.

Here’s how O+ve is empowering the revolution of SEO:


Team: Passionate about fulfilling curiosities for the world and determined to bring impact with actions. The team of experts who constantly curb their curiosities and in turn bring technology to life. OPositive is a collective approach to developing intelligent algorithms and offering a great user experience.


In-House Tools & IPs: studio+, crawl+, live+, footfall+, tribe+ and few more. [ soon available for public use. ]


O+ Master Class: Empowering students/professionals to move from being Enthusiasts to Experts through structured coursework & hands-on experience and unique methodology. ( Theory + Handson actions + mentorship).


We also work in alliance with IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Udaipur, SEMRush, Digital Vidya & many more eminent institutions to share knowledge through multiple courses.


We are Hiring!

O+ is always looking for SEO Experts or Enthusiasts (trainees) who want to build a career in SEO. Interested candidates can mail their CV & portfolio: hr@obbserv.com.


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